Thursday, 15 May 2014

Preparation stages before undergoing blepharoplasty

Prior to any surgery, it is important to discuss few points that will help prepare you for the surgery and help determine how successful will the surgery be.

Various preparation stages involved prior undergoing blepharoplasty are-

Fix consultation with surgeon

The foremost stage that you need to follow prior the surgery is fix consultation with the surgeon. This is essentially important in order to know each and every aspect of surgery. Whether there is any good or bad part of the surgery, everything would be known to you beforehand.

Show your complete medical history
No matter whichever cosmetic operation you are undergoing, it is important to show your complete medical history. This will help surgeon know your medical history and determine whether you are fit to go for the operation or not.

In case, you have undergone any surgery in past, it is important for you to make surgeon aware about the fact. If not, then this can cause adverse effect on the eyelid operation. In addition to this, if you are currently facing any medical issue like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc., then also you need to tell it to your surgeon.

Tell about your daily eating habits
If you are chain smoker or drinker, you must definitely tell this to your eye expert. As this can cause hinder during your process, therefore, it is advisable to tell your expert. However, prior to the surgery, blepharoplasty specialist in NYC will recommend to the patient to stop the intake of drinking and smoking and it is important for the patient to follow the instruction, if desiring to have a youthful look.

Discuss the scope of procedure
The outcome or result of the procedure is an important point to be discussed. A patient should never right away fix an appointment without knowing the result of the procedure. This will allow patient to gain idea about the surgeon experience and his knowledge of conducting the surgery.

Cover the topics of risks and costs involved
Last thing to be discussed is risks and costs involved in the procedure. Different surgeries have different risks associated with it; therefore, before undergoing any of the procedure it is important to understand the risk.

Another point to consider is cost factor. Different surgeons have different charges for the same procedure. You must consider the specialist whom you find is best in his field, alongside levying reasonable charges for the same.