Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What are the after-effects of upper and lower eyelid surgery?

All surgery have some or the other after effects. Coming on to the upper and lower eyelid surgery, patient will experience immediately few things following the surgery.

Swelling and bruising is common to occur immediately after the surgery. Surgeon recommends patients to lubricate the eye part with ointment for first 48 hours after surgery. In addition, iced eye pads on your eyes are also recommended to reduce swelling and bruising.

After 48 hours, patient can use eye pads intermittently, if any burning or itching occurs. Surgeon may also ask to put eye drops for few days after blepharoplasty performed in New York City or elsewhere.

On the third day after surgery, patient need to put lukewarm eye pads on eyes. Other necessary precautions that are required to be taken after surgery are wear dark glasses for a week to prevent irritation from the sun and wind, sleep with head elevated and do not apply cosmetic etc.

Stitches are likely to remain for two days to a week after surgery. Eyelids will be discolor and swollen for few days making patient feel tightness and stiffness around the eyes. On surgeon’s recommendation patient needs to keep their eyes lubricated, try eye exercises like closing and opening of eyes, looking at the ceiling etc.

Patient is likely to experience tearing, sensitivity to light, and double or blurred vision for few days. Moreover, the white area of eyes may have red splotches, but patient do not require worrying about it as it will disappear after two to three weeks.

After two or three days, patient can read or watch television without putting much of strain on the eyes. Wearing contact lenses until doctor approval is not allowed. Moreover, patients can return to work in a week to ten days and use make-up to cover scars around the eyes.

However, work that requires strenuous activities need to be avoided for few days (because it raises blood pressure).

Some scars from the surgery is likely to happen, but will reduce with the passage of time.

However, healing process is slow but results are great of eyelids surgery. Healing take time and patients might often feel depressed for a while, but patience is must in those days. After effects of surgery are quite normal and will pass with the time, if one takes good care of themselves.

Monday, 8 December 2014

How blepharoplasty ensures better eye manifestation?

Eyes are the most striking and delicate part of human face. It provides uniqueness as well as offers you a blessing. You can see and cherish the beautiful things around you.  Your eyes provide your appearance same beautiful look.

What if due to any accident or falling age this unique gift is snatched away from you?  Will you be able to bare the plight, when your friends and colleagues will s avoiding you just because of your ugly appearance? 

Falling age is something, which everybody has to go through. So it’s not a serious problem you can easily get rid of your aging problem through blepharoplasty procedure. It guarantees a beautiful and refurbished look to your eyes.

It is also advisable for those, who have small eyes. It reshapes both lower and upper eyelids due to which it is also called as double eyelid surgery. In a city like NYC, this procedure is very common. Apart from cosmetic purpose it is also helpful in removing the excess of skin from eyelids, which often blocks the secondary visualization. It also helps to remove excess of fat, muscles and tissues are removed. Removal of unnecessary things makes it lighter and prevent from ugly puffy bags.

Time- This surgery will last within three hours, and bruising, swelling and other surgery traces disappears just within two weeks.

Cost- It is not very expensive. Though cost differs from place to place and also the surgeon you opt for your surgery. It’s not advisable to go to some inexperienced surgeon. They may cost you less but will risk you’re the safety of your eyes. 

Types- People have different looks, they have different expectations. Some do this surgery for cosmetic purpose some to hide their accident scares, some for to get rid of birth defects. So for every purpose there are offered different types of surgeries.

1. Suture method- This is also called double eyelid surgery. It is best method used to remove the tight folded lines under the skin. It is cheap but do not offers long lasting results.

2. Double standard twist method- It is used to removing excess amount of fat and unnecessary cartilages from upper and lower parts of eyes. Best and safest among all blepharoplasty methods. It offers the natural look and offers long lasting results.

3. Full incision method- It is used to remove the excess amount of muscles, fat and prevent puffy bulged bags, which makes eyes look swollen and ugly. It offers natural and long lasting beauty to your eyes. 

4. Laser Surgery – Here instead of surgical knives, laser technique is used to remove excess of fat, and tissues muscles. Use of laser leaves no traces and blemishes. It does not need much time to get healed.  

It is not risky procedures so do not feel apprehensive go ahead and get it done and enjoy new furbished look for your eyes.

Friday, 21 November 2014

How to minimize the risks and complication of Eye Lift Surgery?

Eyelift surgery is recommended for cosmetic purpose. In this procedure notches are made around the eyes skin to improve their looks and make them appear younger. Sometimes it is used to repair the damages caused due to cancer. 

If it  beneficial to enhance the appearance of eye, it has many risk factors also, such as -damage to eyes, nerves, vessels, organs, poor results, skeletonization  in case too much of fat is removed,  scarring, infection, bleeding, chemosis, anesthesia related risks. Anything bad can happen during surgery, it even risk your life. So if you are planning to go for eyelift surgery, it is important to know the facts which help to minimize the risk factors.

Tips to minimize the risk factors-

Good Consultation:
  • The first step which have to be considered before going for an eye lift surgery in big cities like NYC it to find a well known and experienced expert. Only a good surgeon can provide you exceptional consultation and satisfactory answers for your doubts. They will examine your case carefully and let you know, whether you need to go for surgery or not. In case you need the surgery, they will explain the risk factors in detail. They will also guide you about the diet, and prescriptions, which are needed to follow before and after the surgery.
  Share your medical history
  • When you decide to go for an eyelift surgery. Sharing all your medical history is necessary. Don’t try to hide anything from your consultant. Such as any allergy, any previous ailments (blood pressure, heart, kidney, lings and any bleeding disorders) and if you are under any kind of medication for chronic illnesses like diabetes, thyroid where a single wrong vaccination might risk the life. So it’s important that you share your medical history and if possible get the clearance from your family doctor, because he will be familiar with your health condition.
Before and after surgery care:

Once you are done with all the formalities and your surgeon has given you surgery dates, you need to take care of your diet. You have to eliminate vitamin A supplements from your routine diet. You have to quit smoking and drinking alcohol for some time and avoid taking medicines like aspirin until the surgery is done and if you are under any medication consult with your surgeon whether you can continue it or not.
  •  Apart from diet you need to take care of other things, prior to surgery make sure you have following things are available with you:
Clean towel, ice cubes, cold water, Ziploc to make ice packs, bottle of artificial tears and acetaminophen, and the most important thing is that you have to bring somebody, who can assist you  while going home.

There are few other small things which have to be taken care of to reduce the complication risks such as:  take shower and hair bath before the procedure wash your eyebrows, don’t use any cosmetic in your face, wear loose fitting surgery clothes, don’t wear lenses and eye drops which you use regularly. Always follow and understand the instructions properly, which will doubtlessly reduce the risk factors and will bring you maximum comfort in least days.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Achieve A Rested And Rejuvenated Look With Eyelid Surgery!

Usually, people in the 30's and 40's age starts facing aging signs, amongst which the most popular aging sign is droopy or puffy eyelids.
These changes occur because eyelid skin gets thin and loses tone, which eventually causes bags in both the upper and lower eyelid.

If your eyelids have begun to sag or droop, you need to undergo effective cosmetic procedure called blepharoplasty. It helps remove the fat and extra skin from upper and lower eyelids.

Surgeons makes use of best state-of-the-art technology and lasers to correct the flaws of your eyes. You will get a completely new look that is tighten droopy eyelids, restore contour to the lids, eliminate unwanted fatty bags and get symmetries between the eyelids etc.

Prior fixing your appointment for surgery, you need to go for consultation first. Together with your surgeon, you will decide whether you need to get your upper or lower lids corrected or both. This is because some patients might need to get only their lower lids improved and some might need both upper and lower eyelids, while others might only need to get their fat removed.

With the addition to these changes, one can also get their fine lines and wrinkles improved.

After completing with the consultation, you will be given an appointment for surgery.

On the day of surgery, you will be taken to the operation theatre room. Anesthesia will be provided that will make you unconscious and not let you feel the pain of incisions being made on your eyes.

Excessive skin and fat will be removed from the eyelids. Sutures will be placed on the incision, which will be removed in about 4-5 days.

Following is some more piece of information related to the eyelid surgery in New York City:
  • Anesthesia: Sedation or general
  • Length of procedure: 1-2 hours
  • Length of stay: Outpatient do not requires staying
  • Discomfort: Minimal to mild
  • Pain: Not much
  • Return to work: Need to take rest for at least one week and return back to work after 10 days
  • Swelling: Common to occur but will subside within 1-2 weeks
  • Bruising: Bruising is minimal
  • Stitches: Removal of stitches in 4-6 days
  • Exercise: 3-4 weeks
  • Results: Natural look can be obtained and results will be noticed within 1-3 months. Patients suffering from other health issues might require more time to obtain the results.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Don’t Have Any Clue About Eyelid Surgery? Here’s A Guide For You!

Before undergoing cosmetic surgical procedure, it is important to know whether you are a good candidate for it or not.

If considering to go for eye lift in New York, you need to get acquainted with the fact that whether you are an optimal candidate for this or not!

Here’s a guide for you pertaining complete information about eyelid lift surgery. Let’s get started:

Eyelid procedure is divided into two parts: upper and lower. Based on the candidate needs and changes required to be made, surgeon recommends either one or both the surgeries to candidate.

First, here is information about upper eyelid:

Who is a good candidate?
  • Above the age of 18
  • Aging signs like wrinkles
  • Loose skin on the upper eyelid
  • Puffiness
  • Eye problem
How is the surgery performed?

Patient is taken to an operation room, where he or she is first given anesthesia, which helps make him or her unconscious of the pain made by incisions to remove excessive skin. The completion of procedure takes about 30-45 minutes. After the procedure, stitches are placed outside the eyelid area and removed on 5th or 7the day after surgery.

What is the recovery?

Recovery is divided into two forms: overall downtime and visual downtime.

Candidate requiring to stay away from home for about 5-7 days is called overall downtime. Bruising and swelling is common to occur within those few days after surgery.

Visual downtime is the time till the patient is facing blurry vision. This lasts for about 2 to 3 weeks.

Now comes, the detail information about lower eyelid blepharoplasty:

Who is a good candidate?
  • Person with loose skin on the lower eyelid
  • Puffy appearance
  • Do not have problems of dry eyes
  • Patient above 18
How is the surgery performed?

Similar to upper eyelid lift, lower eyelid surgery is performed in an operating room. During surgery, patient is given mild sedation and required changes are made by making incisions and removing excessive skin.

Lower eyelid procedure is divided into two parts: transconjunctival approach and external approach.

In the transconjunctival approach, small incisions are made inside of the eyelid. Patients who need to get their puffiness and herniating fat corrected, they have to undergo this process.

In the external approach, incisions are made under the lash line. Patients with excessive skin or puffiness need to undergo it.

What is the recovery?

Likewise, in upper eyelid procedure, in lower eyelid lift recovery type names are same, but different in few aspects like

Overall downtime will take about 10-14 days. Bruising and swelling will last for about 3-4 weeks.

In visual downtime blurry vision is expected, which lasts for about minimum two weeks and maximum for about six weeks.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Time to say goodbye to puffy eyes!

Giving facelift to your face is a good option in today’s time. With technological advancement, there is an option for us to enhance our looks. The blepharoplasty surgeons entertain our concerns and make sure that every need of ours is fulfill.

With aging effect, eyes get puffy and in extreme cases, it becomes difficult even to move the eyelids. However, to cure this kind of ailment, blepharoplasty surgeons have come forward to help the patients. In this surgery, the removal of tissues and extra fats takes place. After the surgery, a new and fresh look comes into being of an individual.

However, there are some concerns as well before a surgery is carried on an individual. The overall health being and present condition of an individual can be a crucial factor in deciding the course of a surgery.

The blepharoplasty surgeons in New York City do conduct a session with their patients. The purpose of this session is to discuss various concerns in a surgery –
This session includes various questions on their health, any past surgeries or any other concern is revealed out.

The motive of the session is to make sure that a patient fits all the required conditions and there are no side effects after the surgery. The major concern is also that any past surgery of a patient might prove to be injurious to a patient as well.

The ethnic background and age are always a big concern for a surgeon. The various checks also take place in this regard.

The vision of an individual might come in to concern before the blepharoplasty surgery takes place.

The diabetic patients, thyroid problem should be intimated beforehand. The issues arising at a later stage might affect the overall being of an individual as well.
The commitments of patients about the post-surgery precautions they need to take after the blepharoplasty surgery are also shared with the patients in this session. The post-surgery activities involve regular cleaning of eyes until the surgeons do not recommend the removal of stitches, any rigorous physical activity is a big no, regular diet, fewer intakes of sugary related food items, and no outdoor activities for few days.

The responsibility of a patient is as equal to a surgeon, it is a two way process, in which both of them need to make sure that surgery becomes a successful event.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Can Men Undergo Blepharoplasty? No is not the answer anymore!

When people hear the word ‘plastic surgery’, they always think of women trying to become more. People always think that only women has problem with their features like baggy eyes. When it comes to a man, people never realize that he may have problems with tired looking eyes too. Maybe he wants surgery too for better features.

In recent years, the number of male clients for cosmetic surgeries has increased. Men are trying new treatments, surgeries, etc. to enhance their features. Since eyes are the most important feature of a person, people are going for blepharoplasty. Today, this blepharoplasty is not only for females but also for males.

Men are going for blepharoplasty due to its capability of providing better looks. It can make major to minor changes, whichever client wants. There are two types of this cosmetic procedure:

Lower –
It is clear from its name that this type of eye surgery is done on the lower part of eyelids. Baggy or tired looking eyes are the problem of many men. It makes them look old even in their young age. Just one glance at their face and they are categorized as an old or tired man. It can ruin anyone’s other better features. In this situation, lower blepharoplasty can provide solution. In lower procedure, extra fat is removed or re-arranged from eyelids by making a small incision. Once extra fat is removed, all the puffiness and bagginess is gone. After this cosmetic procedure is completed, patients look of their age if not younger. It also provides a healthier appearance since the tired appearance is gone.

Upper – Some men suffer from droopy eyelids. This condition is caused by reasons such as birth defect, disease, or aging. Droopy eyelids cause problems in vision by falling right in the line of sight. In upper blepharoplasty, surgeons remove excess fat and lift the extra weight. Extra tissues that are built on the upper area of eyes are removed. This surgery not only solves the problem of vision but also enhances looks.

Asian men, who want westernized looks, choose double blepharoplasty. Asian men usually have small eyes, which is totally different from western people. In this procedure, an extra crease is created in upper eyelid. With an extra crease, an Asian man can open his eyes more. It provides more westernized appearance.
In the cities like New York City, eyelid surgery is becoming more and more popular among male population.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Get prepped for eyelid surgical procedure!

Before heading on for eyelid lift surgery, it’s important to make yourself prepared for it.

Here is a list of things that you need to get prepped with before you go New York for blepharoplasty:

Bring someone along with you, so that after surgery you have someone to take you back home. Diving needs to be avoided because patient is tired and groggy because of anesthesia, moreover, it would put stress on eyes, which is not good for patient.

Avoid bending, lifting or any other physical activities because it increases blood flow to the eyes, which might cause trouble.

In house, place items like tins, bottles, kitchen utensils and bathroom items within easy reach, so that you have to search it all around and be in stress.
Have someone along with you at home, so that you someone to look after you.

Write down all questions, if you have any doubts regarding the surgery and ask to your surgeon during your consultation.

Tell your medical history to your surgeon, so that if you are suffering from any ailment, surgeon can take necessary measures accordingly.

If you have vision problems, glaucoma or chronic dry eye, tell your surgeon about it.

Keep note of all prescribed medications, painkillers and vitamins, so that you take all those on time.
Eat healthy so that recovery process gets speeds up.

Be prepared to undergo medical tests like blood tests, thyroid and diagnostics of heart before blepharoplasty.

Avoid reading or watching television, as it put stress on eyes.

Avoid drinking and smoking. It’s injurious to health and would hinder recovery period.

Do not eat or drink six hours before surgery.

Sleep with head elevated, use ice packs to reduce swelling and take medications on time.

Do not wear contact lenses for first few weeks; instead, wear dark glasses for first couple of weeks.

Wear loosen gown and slippers following the surgery, so that you feel relaxed.

From all the above points, you must have got an idea what things you need to get prepared with before undergoing surgery.

So, if you have made up your mind for undergoing eyelid surgery, then get acquainted with all these things. However, your surgeon will explain you all dos and don’ts, but it’s your duty as well to stay updated regarding the surgery, so that you get optimal results.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Eye Surgeons –Making your eyes beautiful!

The infections in eyes, affects the vision largely. Correction in the vision of eyes is now possible through surgeries. With the availability of large number of medical options, a surgeon can go ahead with an eye surgery and achieve desired results.

Eye is a sensitive part of our body. In previous times, the surgeon needs to deal with cautious approach, as most of the things were manual. However, with the passage of time, the improvisation in science and technology has introduced us with modern kits and components, in which the efforts of surgeons need to be minimal and the accuracy is at its highest.

The availability of such kind of techniques helps in a big way, an old person can get rid of poor vision in the minimum time without any pain, the swollen eyes from birth can be corrected, if God forbids, any injury or accident occurs in your life, which effects your eyes, can be corrected with the help of a surgery. 

The above written are few reasons due to which eyes need immediate surgery. However, there is a new addition to the list; patients are coming to the surgeons so that they can enhance their looks. The eyelid surgery has become a norm these days; a number of patients are opting for a surgery, which gives them a good look to the eyes.

In New York, the yellow pages came up with a report, which reveals that the patients come for an enquiry about upper eyelid surgery procedures in New York City. It is due to two reasons – finest surgeons and affordable fee are the reasons, which attract patients to come to NYC to operate the eyelids.

The surgeries which surgeons commonly perform are as follows –

1. Eyelid Surgery –

It is a type of surgery, in which removal of the membrane on upper eye or lower eye takes place. The presence of puffiness affects the vision of a patient and the surgeon removes the membrane permanently. This type of surgery helps to restore the vision for lifetime. After the surgery, a patient needs to avoid direct sunlight for few days and doctors also recommend bed rest for few days.

2. Glaucoma Surgery –

In this type of surgery, to prevent blindness, the operation of optic nerve takes place. With the help of laser technology, the surgeons make sure that there is restoration of vision.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Get rid of the tired looking eyes with Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, which is commonly known as blepharoplasty, is a plastic surgery, which is done on the upper, lower, or both eyelids of patient. This surgery is done for different reasons but mainly for improving the looks of eyes.

Here are some of the reasons, why people go for this procedure:

Sometimes excess fat and skin provides a tired look. This fat makes eyes look puffy and tired. It is mainly caused by aging, because with aging skin loses its elasticity. People, who want to remove this puffiness, go for the blepharoplasty process. Excess fat in the lower part of eyes also makes them puffy. It causes bagginess and affects the feature of face. This procedure can help in this situation too.

Sometimes some diseases like ptosis can cause eyelids to drop. It can cause irritation and affects vision. Some other disease like palpebral skin laxity, dry eye syndrome or eyeball prominence cause different symptoms. People who go under the knife have their own reasons for it. There are many types of this surgery for different people with different reasons. Many surgeons who perform blepharoplasty in New York City and in other cities can tell you which type is better for you.

There are mainly three types of this plastic surgery:

Upper – This blepharoplasty removes the extra fat on the upper eyelids. It can get rid of the tired looking appearance. Without extra skin, you can look younger with better appearance. In the case of various diseases, that affect visions with heavy eyelids, this procedure can improve vision by removing bagginess.

Lower – This type of procedure can remove puffiness and bagginess from lower part of eyes. This extra skin and fat, that creates bags under eyes, can be removed with this process.

Double – The third type of blepharoplasty is double surgery where both parts of eyes are operated. This procedure is also known as the Asian blepharoplasty. It is mainly done on the people from East Asia. Many East Asian people are born without an extra crease in their upper eyelids. With this procedure, surgeon creates a crease or fold on the upper part of eyes. It gives them a better appearance and looks.

Surgeon can guide you if you are planning for this surgery. They can also instruct you about preparing yourself for it. There are some instructions to follow before and after this process. You must follow these instructions to avoid complications during procedure.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What should you do before and after blepharoplasty?

Before blepharoplasty, you must follow some precautions. Even after the surgery, you still need to follow the instructions given by doctors. First, you must find the best blepharoplasty surgeon in NYC or in the city you live.

Before this plastic surgery, you need to take precautions such as:
  • You must follow all the rules and instructions given by your surgeon. When you discuss about your surgery with your physician, they give you instruction according to your health, age etc. You must follow the instructions to prevent complications.
  • People who smoke must quit smoking. Smoking tobacco can lowers the rate of recovery. It can also increase your risk of complications during the surgery.
  • People who drink alcohol must avoid it. It increases the risk of complications. People who consume alcohol also recover late than other patients.
  • Any kind of pain medication such as aspirin, advil, motrin or Ibuprofen affects the recovery rate. It slows the healing process and increases the bleeding risks. It may also react with the other medication you receive after the surgery.
  • Before this procedure, you must start eating healthy such as vegetables, fruits, etc. It can increase your recovery rate and lowers the risks of complications.
  • Before the blepharoplasty, you must arrange a family member or partner for you to drive you home after the procedure. The anesthetics given during the procedure may cause you some tiredness. It can be dangerous.
  • Keep the necessary items ready. When you return home after this surgery, you will not want to get up for everything or do work. Things like icepacks, medication, eye drops, meals, clean clothes etc., must be ready when you come back.

After the procedure, you still need to take care of some things:
  • After the blepharoplasty, you still need to keep your healthy diet. It will help you in recovery.
  • You must rest properly or as suggested by the surgeon.
  • Do not forget about your medicines. Always take them on time. It helps in recovery and decreases the pain if you are feeling any. Use the eye drops that are suggested by your physician.
  • Protect your eyes from direct sunlight. Use sunglasses or sun protection for the task.
  • Try to avoid heavy physical work for a few weeks such as lifting or swimming etc. It can increase the blood flow towards your eyes.
  • If you wear contact lenses, wear them after few weeks.
  • You can also use artificial tears but you must discuss it with your surgeon first.
  • Use ice packs to reduce swelling if you are having any.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Major Sub Divisions of Blepharoplasty

There are concerns of the eyes, the eyes might be swollen, or there are dark circles beneath your eyes. All these are major concerns for the ones going through this kind of rough patch. There are many reasons involved, which make our eyes like this. Moreover, the things like thyroid problem, fluid and toxins are prominent in patients suffering from the above. The major concern of the above in the patients is that –

1. Sugar intake – One thing is common in these patients is that the sugar level is quite high. Moreover, it results in accumulation of fatty tissues and it also leads to high blood sugar. The sugar intake affects the heart as well, if proper cure is not taken. That is why; there are so many diabetic patients.

2. Stress – Yes, stress directly affects your eyes, it might lead to sleepless nights and as a result, dark circles come into being. It can damage the cellular membranes in our body as well.

3. Skin – The skin also loses its elasticity. The tightening affect of the skin also loses and as a result, the excessive weight of tissues put pressure and therefore, skin loosens up. 

There is good news for those suffering from above, there are surgeries available. Many of the surgeons make an effort to comfort the patients. That is why, prior consultations by surgeons help in making a ground, which helps them in fulfilling the requirements of their patients. In big cities like NYC, eyelid surgery is less expensive; surgeons give a surety that the surgery will be successful. For this, surgeons do a thorough check-up. As a result, the surgeons in NYC have a successful rate. The rejuvenation of eyes is possible with the help of –

Upper eyelid surgery –
The incision is on the crease of lids and as a result, it helps in hiding the view. Before starting the surgery, an outline on the swollen is made so that a cut can be made.

Lower eyelid surgery –
There are two types of lower eyelid surgery - Transconjunctival and Transcutaneous; the former one is used to remove the excess fat below the eyes and the latter one is used for removing the fats just below the eyelashes. The deep hollows the eye lids are removed with the help of this type of surgery.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Must-know points about Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty is the plastic surgery for the eyelids. People go for it to get minor or major changes done in the lower or upper eyelids. It can get remove of puffiness, wrinkles, tired or sleepy looking eyes. Sometimes it can affect your vision. People suffering from disease like Ptosis go under the knife too. The reasons may be different for every person, but still blepharoplasty is the best option to get the changes done.

If you are thinking about this cosmetic surgery, you must find the best blepharoplasty surgeon in NYC or any other major city as per your convenience. The surgeon will listen to your need and expectations about the procedure. The surgeon can guide you about how to prepare yourself for it, and what ought to be done after the surgery.

Before the blepharoplasty, you must know some things like:

1. Cases of the people who are suffering from anemia, diabetes, and high blood pressure can get complicated. It can delay the recovery. They should discuss their health issues with the surgeon before the surgery.

2. People who smoke can also have complications, so they may be told to quit the habit.

3. Start eating healthy months before the procedure. Prefer eating vegetables and fruits and avoid eating unhealthy food.

4. Follow all the instruction provided from the surgeon.

Most of the people think that after the surgery, the job is done, but it is not true. One must take care of some things even after blepharoplasty to prevent complications.

Here are some tips to take care of your eyes after the blepharoplasty:

1. Take all the medicine on the time and properly as prescribed by the doctor.

2. Keep your healthy diet as it can help in healing after the surgery. Take the necessary nutrients and you can even discuss it with your surgeon. They can guide you properly.

3. Take all the precautions and follow the guidelines that are advised by the doctor.

4. You must protect your eyes from sun, dust, and wind for the first few weeks. Take precautions like use sunglasses when going out.

5. Use eye drops prescribed by the doctor to prevent irritation and pain in the eyes.

Try not to touch or rub your eyes. If it is important, then clean your hands first. You cannot take the risk of infection or hurt yourself with rubbing.

7. Try to avoid any kind of physical activity for the first week. Playing sport or any activity can increase the blood pressure and affect the results of surgery.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Preparation stages before undergoing blepharoplasty

Prior to any surgery, it is important to discuss few points that will help prepare you for the surgery and help determine how successful will the surgery be.

Various preparation stages involved prior undergoing blepharoplasty are-

Fix consultation with surgeon

The foremost stage that you need to follow prior the surgery is fix consultation with the surgeon. This is essentially important in order to know each and every aspect of surgery. Whether there is any good or bad part of the surgery, everything would be known to you beforehand.

Show your complete medical history
No matter whichever cosmetic operation you are undergoing, it is important to show your complete medical history. This will help surgeon know your medical history and determine whether you are fit to go for the operation or not.

In case, you have undergone any surgery in past, it is important for you to make surgeon aware about the fact. If not, then this can cause adverse effect on the eyelid operation. In addition to this, if you are currently facing any medical issue like cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes etc., then also you need to tell it to your surgeon.

Tell about your daily eating habits
If you are chain smoker or drinker, you must definitely tell this to your eye expert. As this can cause hinder during your process, therefore, it is advisable to tell your expert. However, prior to the surgery, blepharoplasty specialist in NYC will recommend to the patient to stop the intake of drinking and smoking and it is important for the patient to follow the instruction, if desiring to have a youthful look.

Discuss the scope of procedure
The outcome or result of the procedure is an important point to be discussed. A patient should never right away fix an appointment without knowing the result of the procedure. This will allow patient to gain idea about the surgeon experience and his knowledge of conducting the surgery.

Cover the topics of risks and costs involved
Last thing to be discussed is risks and costs involved in the procedure. Different surgeries have different risks associated with it; therefore, before undergoing any of the procedure it is important to understand the risk.

Another point to consider is cost factor. Different surgeons have different charges for the same procedure. You must consider the specialist whom you find is best in his field, alongside levying reasonable charges for the same.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Few unanswered aspects regarding eyelid lift surgery

Eyelid lift also referred as blepharoplasty, is a form of plastic surgery that involves removal of excess skin and tissue from the eye. On either portion of the eye called upper or lower, this surgery can be performed.

Primary benefits of blepharoplasty are very commonly known by all, but here is piece of information that will provide you more information on the merits of an eyelid lift or the other way round, following are few aspects that were left unanswered by many specialists-

Remedy for chronic allergies
There is no doubt about the fact that with age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and begins to sag and droop. This calls for eyelid lift, which helps in giving the face a younger look, with tightened skin, no folding, puffiness and sagging, alongside improved smoothing. In addition to all this, age and chronic allergies are also corrected by it.

Improve eyesight
Patients who are suffering from vision problem, for them this surgery is bliss. As the upper lid, obstruct the vision of patient because of heavy folding, the technique helps in removal of the folds that are over the eye. Hence, surgery is quite effective in creating a large open eye thus improving the vision of patient.

Improve Ptosis
Condition when upper lid muscle tone is heavy because of excessive skin, which causes difficulty in moving the eyelid, it is referred to as Ptosis problem.
Though reason may not be similar for everyone, some might also be facing this problem because of nerve damage.

Return home same day
General or local anesthesia is given to patient, based on his or her condition. Though safe one is the local anesthesia, but surgeons often use general anesthesia for upper or lower eyelid lift surgery in New York City. However, either of the way used by surgeon, as this procedure is an outpatient, therefore, patients are allowed to return home the same day.

Place incisions strategically
Skilled plastic surgeons always make a note to place incisions in such a way that does not leave any scar on patient face. Therefore, in regard to eyelid lifts, the incisions are strategically placed in the upper and lower lid fold, so that even if scars are ought to happen then they would be hidden.

No adverse reactions
So far, candidates who have undergone this procedure they didn’t face any adverse reactions, which is the positive side of this surgery.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make your eyes look revitalized and rejuvenated in no time!

People wish for pretty eyes but not everybody is born with naturally beautiful eyes. In terms of physical appearance they are the first part people notice in any person. Unfortunately eyes are also the first body part to reveal advancing age. With increasing aesthetic needs, people are becoming more conscious about their looks but drooping, sagging, and tired looking eyes can make anyone look dull and old.

Thanks to cosmetic science which is improving with each day passing, that anyone can now look much younger than their real age. Blepharoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries people undergo to undo the impact of aging on their eyes.

Blepharoplasty has two major types; upper and lower eyelid surgery. Different people make good candidates for different surgery types depending on individual situation. This cosmetic procedure is capable of revitalizing the eyelids dramatically. It is helpful in getting rid of tiresome looks within no time.

The basic purpose of undergoing this surgical procedure is to get rid of puffy hoods that get developed over the period of time due to aging. Some people feel troubled with skin bags and wrinkles that get cluttered right beneath the eyes.

This surgery is getting much popularity today pertaining to the fact that it’s not only capable of achieving aesthetic results, but can correct certain functional deformities as well. Some people are born with naturally drooping eyelids that begin to obstruct their view resulting in vision related problems.

Therefore sometimes this procedure is recommended medically by doctors to correct such problems. Eyelid operation can get rid of excessive skin that causes trouble in seeing properly. Therefore many people choose to get this procedure done for functional reasons instead of beauty reason.

While performing lower eyelid lift, patients are sedated using anesthesia. Mostly general anesthesia is administered. Some patients have more fat cluttered beneath their eyelids and less amount of skin and muscles. Such patients can get this procedure performed without any external sutures.

Instead of creating incisions externally, doctors place them within the inner part of lower eyelid and that’s where extra fat is carefully removed from. This approach doesn’t involve sutures. To aid the healing process and make recovery quicker, doctors prescribe topical eye drops to patients.

To know which type of surgery will do best for you, conduct a reputed plastic surgeon to achieve best possible outcomes.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Are you Fed-up of different Techniques of Enhancing Droopy Eyelid?

Out of all the features of face, eyes are perhaps the most beautiful and noticeable feature. However, over the time, issues of puffy bags, droopy eyelids, crow's feet, dark shadows, and wrinkles near the eyes gets arise. This makes important for the person to get it rejuvenate.

Undoubtedly, people facing eyelid issues, try seemingly endless array of products, follow proper diet and even take counter of medications for the same. However, the fact remains the same that aging eyelid issues cannot be treated via such methods. This calls for eyelid lift in NYC.

Where aging is the prime reason that leads to puffiness and bagginess around the eyes, there are few other reasons that contribute to this problem as well.

Early need of face lift or any other surgical procedure in life leads to variant problems, amongst, which eyelid issue is the most common one. Many people use to undergo chemical peeling to correct their flaws over eyes that in return used to bring diverse effects over the face of patient. This is why later surgeons started suggesting other cosmetic solutions for correction on eyelid areas.

Conditions also get worsened when patient is following bad habits like irregular dietary, alcohol and tobacco use, lack of sleep and stress.

In most cases, the reason behind tired and aging eyes is weakening of the skin under the eyes. As it is the most delicate part of the body, thus flaws are likely more visible. In addition, changes in weight and lifestyle also put diverse effects on eyelids as it results to fatty deposits on the face.

Therefore, in a nutshell eyelid lift is the best solution to the problem of dark circles, wrinkles, crow's feet, and skin discolorations. Besides this, it is also ideal to correct the puffy bags under the eyes, drooping lids, and other minor eyelid problems.

Hence, the severity of eyelid problems are easily corrected thus giving the patient a natural and refreshed look. However, proper care is required after the surgery, in order to get optimal results. From word care, we mean following the instructions of surgeon carefully, taking medications on time, do not get indulged in strenuous activities, take adequate rest and do not drink or smoke.

Therefore, patients who are interested in undergoing eyelid lift they must ensure that they have chosen a surgeon with good skills and experience in the procedure. Besides confirming his or her educational background, patient must also see before and after photos of patients that had undergone eyelid lift from the same surgeon whom you have selected.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

How Surgeons Make an Eyelid Surgery Plan?

It is needless to be discussed that every surgical procedure follows a thorough consultation process, in which surgeon make discussion with patients on various important factors.

Consultation is an in-depth give and take dialogue in which surgery specialist listen to patients’ questions and concerns. Based upon the patients concerns and expectations, doctor explains the treatment options and most suitable surgery techniques for patient’s concerns.

Of course the goal of the cosmetic eyelid operation is to enhance the appearance of eyes. Therefore, it is important to cover every minor factor that can impact the results of the operation. Adding more to your knowledge, it is not always that consultation ends up with the decision of execution of surgery. Based upon the discussion and reports of the tests, if the patient is not physically or mentally fit, cosmetic surgeon may deny performing the procedure. 
Let’s us understand what are the various factors that play a crucial role to decide whether or not it is right for a patient to undergo eyelid operation. Blepharoplasty specialist in NYC starts consultation by asking series of important questions to the patient. It is possible that surgery specialist may order to undertake multiple tests. This is because of the reason that test reports help an expert to know about patient’s current health status.

Patient may be asked to fill out form for previous health records, health history of patient’s family, allergies from medications, seasonal allegories, and so on. It is important to inform you that if patient is suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, heart arrest, hypertension, there are chances that surgeon may deny to perform operation. This is because of the reason that these conditions may create complications during surgery and impact the results. 
 It is, on the other hand, is the responsibility of the patient is disclose the information such as if he/she is taking nutrition or health supplements. If the patient is alcoholic or uses other drugs like cocaine, smoking etc., it is advised to explain it to the doctor. All such factors seem minor, but the collectively plays an important role to crystalline the eyelid cosmetic surgery plan.

The key benefit of face to face discussion is that doctor can properly examine the characteristics of eyelids such as severity of sagginess, thickness of skin, degree of puffiness under the lower lids etc. At the end of the consultation, surgeons give decision about the execution or denial of the eyelid lift.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Is there any cosmetic surgical procedure to correct the flaws of eyelids?

Be it male or female, eyelid surgery is the most optimal cosmetic surgical procedure that helps correct the flaws on one’s eyes and restore their youthful appearance.

The surgery helps in tightening the loosen folds, sagging skin and bagginess around the eyes giving a patient more naturally alert and brighter look.

Blepharoplasty surgery can be performed on either the upper, lower lids or both. Often, it is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic surgical procedures like face or forehead lift. However, this process is not helpful in eliminating crow’s feet or wrinkles beneath the eye; in such case, laser skin resurfacing is done.

Before heading on for the procedure, initial planning, or consultation is must to be done with the plastic surgeon. During the consultation round, patient need to tell their complete medical history and inform the surgeon about previous diseases, allergies and operation, if one has undergone. Besides this, it is also important for a patient to tell about his or her smoking or drinking habit.

After complete analysis is done, then only surgeon gives patient the date for surgery. Eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and mild sedation. General anesthesia may also be used at times, but depending on an individual case. The whole procedure takes 2-3 hours. However, the timing can be extended, depending upon the corrections that are needed on both the upper and lower lids.

During the procedure, following the natural lines of your eyelids plastic surgeon makes incisions. Depending on the changes required, the incisions could extend up to the crow's feet or laugh lines (at the outer corners of patient’s eyes).

Patients who have fat beneath their lower eyelids, they can get it corrected via transconjunctival blepharoplasty. In this procedure, surgeon removes the excessive fat. As incisions in this procedure are made inside the lower eyelids, therefore, there are no chances of scars to occur. This process is usually performed on young patients because they have thicker and more elastic skin that allows surgeon to make optimal corrections.

However, incisions made on the upper lids (along the natural fold of the eyelid) can tend to leave scars and made it visible to all. However, one need not worry, as with passage of time scars will vanish.

For a couple of weeks, patient will face swelling and bruising, which will diminish in a couple of weeks. The stitches will be removed or dissolved during the first week after the surgery.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Do you have all the essential piece of information related to eyelid lift?

Before making a final decision for eyelid lift surgery, have you collected all vital information related to it? 

Afore heading for the operation, it is must to understand what is it, what can be achieved, what realistic expectations one must have and various other aspects related to it.

Eyelid lift surgery in NYC is the most popular cosmetic procedure in today’s time. This procedure includes surgery of upper lid, lower lid, or even both.

Eyelid surgery helps in removing excess skin from the eyes. Apart from this, it is also helpful in creating creases over the eyelids. People who opt to undergo eyelid cosmetic surgical operation, they can get a youthful and a more enhanced appearance.

What to expect during consultation from the eyelid surgeon?

During the initial consultation, surgeon will discuss each bit related to the procedure. He or she will first confirm whether you are a good candidate or not for eyelid procedure.

Proper questioning answering round is done during the consultation, so that no misunderstanding or perceptions are left on the patients mind.

Various medical history issues are discussed which are correlated to eyes or patient’s health. Either this can be health problem like diabetes, heart issue, cancer or eye related problem like vision, glaucoma, or chronic dry eye.

After determining the patient problems and desires for eyelid operation, medical tests are conducted. To name a few test includes blood tests, thyroid, and diagnostic test. This helps in judging healthy blood circulation. Moreover, test also ensures that blepharoplasty will provide best possible outcomes.

Who is not a good candidate?

If patient is a bad smoker, drinker or for that matter is suffering from any major ailment then he or she cannot go for blepharoplasty. This is because in taking of alcohol or consumption of cigarette or drug can hinder the results of blepharoplasty.

What is the healing time?

Recovery procedure takes time. This is because outcomes are never instant. It takes 3 to 4 weeks to recover from surgery. Patient needs to wait for at least 1 to 2 months. However, for proper outcomes one has to wait for 1 year because scars take time to get fade

What additional options are available with eyelid operation?

Eyelid surgery can conveniently be performed with other facial procedures. To name a few includes facelift, neck lift, brow lift and various other non-surgical procedures like chemical peel.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Does eyelid lift surgery hurts?

Blepharoplasty involves correcting of flaws on the upper, lower, or both eyelids. This surgery can be performed either on one eyelid or on both the eyelids, depending on the patient’s desires and flaws that he or she wants to be corrected.

Usually, people think that blepharoplasty causes pain, but it is an illusion. It does not get hurt as procedure only involves removal or tightening of skin or fat. However, pains are possible to occur after every surgery, but not so much that it makes people afraid.

As discussed above blepharoplasty is done on the upper, lower, or may be on both the eyelids. Along the natural lines of eyelid, incisions are placed. In upper blepharoplasty surgery, the incision is made along the eyelid creases. In lower eyelid lift surgery performed in NY, incision is made either just below the lashes or inside the lower eyelid.

No matter whatever procedure a patient has to undergo, the cosmetic surgical process involves tightening of loose skin and removal of fat. An overall rejuvenated look is provided to the person once relevant changes are made.

Before starting with the process, anesthesia (general or local) is given either by mouth or through an IV. Once patient’s eye part is made numb, incisions are made.

The skin is separated and the sagging skin or fatty tissues or muscles are removed. However, depending on the patient face anatomy, removal of fat can be either less or more. This factor also depends on how excessive fat does one has over his or her eyes.

Once fat is removed, the incisions are closed with fine sutures. After doing so, the area around the eye is washed, special strips of tape are applied on the sutures to reinforce it, and lastly the eyes are lubricated with ointment.

After the procedure, patient tends to get some amount of swelling or bruising. There are chances that some might also feel pain during that time. Surgeon will recommend some medications like acetaminophen, aka Tylenol to patient, for the same (to control the pain). Furthermore, some dos and don’ts would also be told to patient that he or she needs to take care of during the recovery time.

Therefore, if you were restricting yourself from undergoing this procedure because of your fear to get hurt, then you need not worry, as eyelid lift is not at all hurtful.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Are you going for blepharoplasty? Wait!

Have you discussed all the major concerns related to your health to your blepharoplasty surgeon before your operation? If no, then you can end up getting into trouble during your operation!

Before you go for the surgery, make sure you have shared all the details about your health to your surgeon. Here are certain points that you must talk about with your surgeon, before the surgery:

Now, if you are wondering, about which things I am talking about, here are few of them:

Health issues:
The foremost thing that you need to tell to your surgeon is about your health issues. Whether it is minor or major, you must tell each of your health issues to the specialist. This is because health concerns can cause big problem in operation room towards your life and results of eyelid lift operation in New York.

Any prior surgeries: If you have undergone any previous surgeries, it is must for you to tell about it because providing anesthesia and medications again during the eyelid surgery can cause health issues like adverse reactions in the body or allergy.

Allergies: Majority of the people are allergic to some or the other problem, if you are also one of them then make sure you have told to your specialist. This is because even minor allergy like sneezing, breathing, cramps or any other health factor for that matter can cause problem during the operation.

Addictions: If you have the habit of smoking or drinking, you must definitely quit it because people who consume it cannot expect to get good results from eyelid operation. Therefore, if you have any of such addictions then do make sure you have told to your specialist before.

Dry eyes: People who have dry eyes problem their eyeballs are never moist.  For them going under blepharoplasty operation is risky. So, if facing this problem or any other problem related to eyes then do not miss out to tell your surgeon.

However, no doubt, surgeon will have proper consultation with patient where he will discuss everything with the patient. Along he will also conduct full examination before the surgery, so that not even a single mistake can be done.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Let’s understand what transconjunctival blepharoplasty surgery is all about?

Also known as a posterior approach lower blepharoplasty, it is a lower eyelid lift procedure, which is performed only on the inside of the eyelid. In addition to this, there are few other facts that are related to transconjunctival blepharoplasty about which you must have an idea, if considering to undergo it.

Excess fat is removed from bulging areas via making a small incision.

  • Incisions are made in such a fine way that no evidences of surgery are left behind. However, scar will be inside the eyelid, but no other person would be able to recognize that a person had gone transconjunctival blepharoplasty in NYC.

  • There are two types of lower eyelid lift called transconjunctival and transcutaneous (lashline). Out of both the two surgeries, posterior approach is considered the most successful types. Lashline blepharoplasty is recommended to people who are good candidate for this.

  • However, transconjunctival involves only the removal and repositioning of fat, it may not be recommended for every patient because not all have the same problem.

  • Those who have extensive amount of droopy skin, they are mostly recommended for posterior approach, while others who have skin that is stretched out, they are recommended for lashline procedure because removing of skin is not used in it.

  • Patients undergoing this procedure definitely get desired results, even if they combine this procedure with other cosmetic surgical procedure.

  • This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. However, patients who are given general or oral sedation, they are not given general anesthesia.

  • By undergoing transconjunctival surgery, people can avoid laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or other methods. This is because removal of fatty deposits from lower eyelid area and repositioning it to new area can be easily done by this approach rather than any other risky methods.

Various advantages associated with transconjunctival approach include:

  • No external scar
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Less invasive on eyelid
  • Less ectropion (medical condition in which lower eyelid is turned outward) of lower eyelid
  • Better and defined fat sculpting

Patients had serious lid surgery in past for them it is safer form of reoperation
After understanding the facts and benefits of posterior approach lower blepharoplasty, you must have got an idea that undergoing this cosmetic surgical process is not at all risky. So, if you consider undergoing it then make sure to consult a reliable surgeon for this surgical process.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Does the blepharoplasty surgery affect use of contact lenses?

Can we wear contact lenses after the eyelid operation? This is the most common question that strikes in the minds of people who have irregular visibility and have undergone eyelid operation.

So, here are answers to your questions that you must read on!

Why go through blepharoplasty surgery?

With age, one gets older and eyes tend to get droopy. The aging signs make the importance of undergoing blepharoplasty operation important.

How blepharoplasty affects use of contact lenses?

Eyelid operation does affect the wearing of contact lenses. This is where patient needs to discuss this thing beforehand with the surgeon. However, one has to wait till the bruising and swelling gets reduce because then only one can wear contact lenses.

For how long one has to avoid wearing contact lenses with post eyelid surgery

One has to wait for several weeks before wearing contact lenses again. Usually, surgeons recommend patients to wait for at least three weeks, which however could vary from patient to patient depending on their conditions.

What care is required when putting contact lenses after operation?

When putting contact lenses, you should pull your upper eyelid. Many patients usually pull down the lower eyelid which is not right because it has a major effect on healing process. However, before trying it yourself, you must ask your surgeon. He will guide you better with the procedure of how to wear lenses after the operation.

Don’t force your eyes when wearing contact lenses; rather you should wait till its slide into the eyes smoothly.

Patient after the procedure might experience dry eyes. This is because the area around the eyes takes time to heal. There are times when one might also face irritation, so be careful while wearing contact lenses. Besides these problems, if you are facing any other issue then do talk to your doctor.

Is wearing of glasses better than contact lenses?

Yes, definitely! Glasses are much more comfortable to wear than contact lenses. Therefore, you must opt for glasses.

When should patient visit surgeon?

No doubt, at times when one is facing problem in their eyes they must visit their surgeon, but around five to seven days after the blepharoplasty one must visit the surgeon. This will help ensure you that your healing procedure is going easily.
 If you doubt that whether you should wear contact lenses or not after blepharoplasty surgery then do consult your surgeon.