Friday, 26 September 2014

Time to say goodbye to puffy eyes!

Giving facelift to your face is a good option in today’s time. With technological advancement, there is an option for us to enhance our looks. The blepharoplasty surgeons entertain our concerns and make sure that every need of ours is fulfill.

With aging effect, eyes get puffy and in extreme cases, it becomes difficult even to move the eyelids. However, to cure this kind of ailment, blepharoplasty surgeons have come forward to help the patients. In this surgery, the removal of tissues and extra fats takes place. After the surgery, a new and fresh look comes into being of an individual.

However, there are some concerns as well before a surgery is carried on an individual. The overall health being and present condition of an individual can be a crucial factor in deciding the course of a surgery.

The blepharoplasty surgeons in New York City do conduct a session with their patients. The purpose of this session is to discuss various concerns in a surgery –
This session includes various questions on their health, any past surgeries or any other concern is revealed out.

The motive of the session is to make sure that a patient fits all the required conditions and there are no side effects after the surgery. The major concern is also that any past surgery of a patient might prove to be injurious to a patient as well.

The ethnic background and age are always a big concern for a surgeon. The various checks also take place in this regard.

The vision of an individual might come in to concern before the blepharoplasty surgery takes place.

The diabetic patients, thyroid problem should be intimated beforehand. The issues arising at a later stage might affect the overall being of an individual as well.
The commitments of patients about the post-surgery precautions they need to take after the blepharoplasty surgery are also shared with the patients in this session. The post-surgery activities involve regular cleaning of eyes until the surgeons do not recommend the removal of stitches, any rigorous physical activity is a big no, regular diet, fewer intakes of sugary related food items, and no outdoor activities for few days.

The responsibility of a patient is as equal to a surgeon, it is a two way process, in which both of them need to make sure that surgery becomes a successful event.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Can Men Undergo Blepharoplasty? No is not the answer anymore!

When people hear the word ‘plastic surgery’, they always think of women trying to become more. People always think that only women has problem with their features like baggy eyes. When it comes to a man, people never realize that he may have problems with tired looking eyes too. Maybe he wants surgery too for better features.

In recent years, the number of male clients for cosmetic surgeries has increased. Men are trying new treatments, surgeries, etc. to enhance their features. Since eyes are the most important feature of a person, people are going for blepharoplasty. Today, this blepharoplasty is not only for females but also for males.

Men are going for blepharoplasty due to its capability of providing better looks. It can make major to minor changes, whichever client wants. There are two types of this cosmetic procedure:

Lower –
It is clear from its name that this type of eye surgery is done on the lower part of eyelids. Baggy or tired looking eyes are the problem of many men. It makes them look old even in their young age. Just one glance at their face and they are categorized as an old or tired man. It can ruin anyone’s other better features. In this situation, lower blepharoplasty can provide solution. In lower procedure, extra fat is removed or re-arranged from eyelids by making a small incision. Once extra fat is removed, all the puffiness and bagginess is gone. After this cosmetic procedure is completed, patients look of their age if not younger. It also provides a healthier appearance since the tired appearance is gone.

Upper – Some men suffer from droopy eyelids. This condition is caused by reasons such as birth defect, disease, or aging. Droopy eyelids cause problems in vision by falling right in the line of sight. In upper blepharoplasty, surgeons remove excess fat and lift the extra weight. Extra tissues that are built on the upper area of eyes are removed. This surgery not only solves the problem of vision but also enhances looks.

Asian men, who want westernized looks, choose double blepharoplasty. Asian men usually have small eyes, which is totally different from western people. In this procedure, an extra crease is created in upper eyelid. With an extra crease, an Asian man can open his eyes more. It provides more westernized appearance.
In the cities like New York City, eyelid surgery is becoming more and more popular among male population.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Get prepped for eyelid surgical procedure!

Before heading on for eyelid lift surgery, it’s important to make yourself prepared for it.

Here is a list of things that you need to get prepped with before you go New York for blepharoplasty:

Bring someone along with you, so that after surgery you have someone to take you back home. Diving needs to be avoided because patient is tired and groggy because of anesthesia, moreover, it would put stress on eyes, which is not good for patient.

Avoid bending, lifting or any other physical activities because it increases blood flow to the eyes, which might cause trouble.

In house, place items like tins, bottles, kitchen utensils and bathroom items within easy reach, so that you have to search it all around and be in stress.
Have someone along with you at home, so that you someone to look after you.

Write down all questions, if you have any doubts regarding the surgery and ask to your surgeon during your consultation.

Tell your medical history to your surgeon, so that if you are suffering from any ailment, surgeon can take necessary measures accordingly.

If you have vision problems, glaucoma or chronic dry eye, tell your surgeon about it.

Keep note of all prescribed medications, painkillers and vitamins, so that you take all those on time.
Eat healthy so that recovery process gets speeds up.

Be prepared to undergo medical tests like blood tests, thyroid and diagnostics of heart before blepharoplasty.

Avoid reading or watching television, as it put stress on eyes.

Avoid drinking and smoking. It’s injurious to health and would hinder recovery period.

Do not eat or drink six hours before surgery.

Sleep with head elevated, use ice packs to reduce swelling and take medications on time.

Do not wear contact lenses for first few weeks; instead, wear dark glasses for first couple of weeks.

Wear loosen gown and slippers following the surgery, so that you feel relaxed.

From all the above points, you must have got an idea what things you need to get prepared with before undergoing surgery.

So, if you have made up your mind for undergoing eyelid surgery, then get acquainted with all these things. However, your surgeon will explain you all dos and don’ts, but it’s your duty as well to stay updated regarding the surgery, so that you get optimal results.