Monday, 2 February 2015

Why Eye Surgery is Reckoned Complicated?

There are some of the activities, which need to be undertaken before and after the surgery. These activities help in ensuring that the surgery is up to the mark. The patients undergoing eye lift surgery in NYC need to care about the near environment as well.

There are many factors, which can be helpful in making sure that the surgery is effective are as follows –

No Outings - The environment also plays an important role in ensuring that the surgery is successful. The patients need to ensure that the dust, smoke and waste particles do not enter their eyes at all. The interaction with the outer environment needs to be less or negligible. The less or no outings will ensure that the patients do no encounter any kind of material being stuck in their eyes. The patients working on computers and often using mobile phones, laptops and other gizmos need to ensure that there is no usage of the same of these gadgets for few days.

No Workouts - Make sure that you do not undertake any rigorous form of exercise after the surgery. The rigorous workout will not allow you give desired result, which you are looking for from the eyelift surgery. The surgeons recommend to the patients that taking a stroll can be beneficial for the overall health. The rigorous workout can be continued after a long pause.

Alcohol and Smoke is a Big No – The intake of alcohol and smoke before and after the surgery will not be helpful. The surgeons recommend a big no to the smoke and alcohol. There are many reasons for the same. It is because the alcohol and smoke affect the eyelids and hence the cornea is affected by the same. To make sure that the surgery is up to the mark, the Doctors serve a guidelines chart to the patients undergoing eyelift surgery that there is no intake of alcohol.

There is availability of number of surgeons in the United States, which ensure that the surgery conducted by them serves the purpose. The patients can consult them free. The Doctors do not even charge a penny from the patients for the consultation session. In this pre consultation session, the surgeons are able to talk about the results of the surgery. The patients also get a chance to know about the scope of eyelift surgery, which they are undergoing. The patients can also put their expectations in front of the eye surgeons.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

What is the best way to reduce signs of aging?

Often eyes are the first thing to be noticed. Thus, when it starts aging, it is the first area that is visible. People even with most beautiful eyes cannot hide aging effects.

A small change can make a remarkable effect and enhance the overall personality of the person. This is often why people prefer undergoing blepharoplasty. It is an effective cosmetic surgical procedure to remove excessive loose skin and fat around the eyes.

Cosmetic surgeon of cities like New York follows blepharoplasty cosmetic approach according to every patient condition. Based on the specific needs, facial anatomy, and personal desires, procedure is designed accordingly by the surgeon.

However, before going for the surgery, it is necessary to determine whether you are good candidate for it or not. In general, after 40 age aging signs starts to become visible and costly cosmetic are of no use then. Eyelids start begins to sag, bags under the eyes get developed, and skin surrounding the eyes becomes thin. People with these aging signs and not suffering from any health issue can consider going for eyelid surgery. However, final determination can only be made after full consultation and examination by surgeon.

After confirmation, surgeon will fix an appointment for blepharoplasty. It can be performed on both upper eyelids and lower eyelids.

Patients desiring to get even better facial appearance can elect to have additional surgeries combined with blepharoplasty.

As discussed above there are two approaches in it, upper eyelid and lower eyelid surgery.

In upper eyelid blepharoplasty, incisions are made along the eyelid creases and folds. This reduces the chance of scars visibility. The loose skin is tightened, the excess fat is removed or repositioned, and the muscles are tightened. After making the chances, fine dissolvable sutures are used to close the incisions.

In lower eyelid blepharoplasty, fine incisions are made along the lash line of the lower eyelids. Patients with puffiness, the fats around their lower eyelid are trimmed and repositioned, the muscle is tightened and if needed skin is removed. Patients with laxity of lower eyelids their suspensory ligaments are tightened. At the end, sutures are used to close incisions.

During the recovery period, swelling or bruising around eyes is obvious. However, amount of swelling and bruising would differ from patient to patient. At this point of time, patient needs to follow specific pre and post-operative instructions in order to help reduce the amount of swelling and bruising and obtain optimal surgical results.