Friday, 22 August 2014

Eye Surgeons –Making your eyes beautiful!

The infections in eyes, affects the vision largely. Correction in the vision of eyes is now possible through surgeries. With the availability of large number of medical options, a surgeon can go ahead with an eye surgery and achieve desired results.

Eye is a sensitive part of our body. In previous times, the surgeon needs to deal with cautious approach, as most of the things were manual. However, with the passage of time, the improvisation in science and technology has introduced us with modern kits and components, in which the efforts of surgeons need to be minimal and the accuracy is at its highest.

The availability of such kind of techniques helps in a big way, an old person can get rid of poor vision in the minimum time without any pain, the swollen eyes from birth can be corrected, if God forbids, any injury or accident occurs in your life, which effects your eyes, can be corrected with the help of a surgery. 

The above written are few reasons due to which eyes need immediate surgery. However, there is a new addition to the list; patients are coming to the surgeons so that they can enhance their looks. The eyelid surgery has become a norm these days; a number of patients are opting for a surgery, which gives them a good look to the eyes.

In New York, the yellow pages came up with a report, which reveals that the patients come for an enquiry about upper eyelid surgery procedures in New York City. It is due to two reasons – finest surgeons and affordable fee are the reasons, which attract patients to come to NYC to operate the eyelids.

The surgeries which surgeons commonly perform are as follows –

1. Eyelid Surgery –

It is a type of surgery, in which removal of the membrane on upper eye or lower eye takes place. The presence of puffiness affects the vision of a patient and the surgeon removes the membrane permanently. This type of surgery helps to restore the vision for lifetime. After the surgery, a patient needs to avoid direct sunlight for few days and doctors also recommend bed rest for few days.

2. Glaucoma Surgery –

In this type of surgery, to prevent blindness, the operation of optic nerve takes place. With the help of laser technology, the surgeons make sure that there is restoration of vision.