Friday, 24 January 2014

Does eyelid lift surgery hurts?

Blepharoplasty involves correcting of flaws on the upper, lower, or both eyelids. This surgery can be performed either on one eyelid or on both the eyelids, depending on the patient’s desires and flaws that he or she wants to be corrected.

Usually, people think that blepharoplasty causes pain, but it is an illusion. It does not get hurt as procedure only involves removal or tightening of skin or fat. However, pains are possible to occur after every surgery, but not so much that it makes people afraid.

As discussed above blepharoplasty is done on the upper, lower, or may be on both the eyelids. Along the natural lines of eyelid, incisions are placed. In upper blepharoplasty surgery, the incision is made along the eyelid creases. In lower eyelid lift surgery performed in NY, incision is made either just below the lashes or inside the lower eyelid.

No matter whatever procedure a patient has to undergo, the cosmetic surgical process involves tightening of loose skin and removal of fat. An overall rejuvenated look is provided to the person once relevant changes are made.

Before starting with the process, anesthesia (general or local) is given either by mouth or through an IV. Once patient’s eye part is made numb, incisions are made.

The skin is separated and the sagging skin or fatty tissues or muscles are removed. However, depending on the patient face anatomy, removal of fat can be either less or more. This factor also depends on how excessive fat does one has over his or her eyes.

Once fat is removed, the incisions are closed with fine sutures. After doing so, the area around the eye is washed, special strips of tape are applied on the sutures to reinforce it, and lastly the eyes are lubricated with ointment.

After the procedure, patient tends to get some amount of swelling or bruising. There are chances that some might also feel pain during that time. Surgeon will recommend some medications like acetaminophen, aka Tylenol to patient, for the same (to control the pain). Furthermore, some dos and don’ts would also be told to patient that he or she needs to take care of during the recovery time.

Therefore, if you were restricting yourself from undergoing this procedure because of your fear to get hurt, then you need not worry, as eyelid lift is not at all hurtful.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Are you going for blepharoplasty? Wait!

Have you discussed all the major concerns related to your health to your blepharoplasty surgeon before your operation? If no, then you can end up getting into trouble during your operation!

Before you go for the surgery, make sure you have shared all the details about your health to your surgeon. Here are certain points that you must talk about with your surgeon, before the surgery:

Now, if you are wondering, about which things I am talking about, here are few of them:

Health issues:
The foremost thing that you need to tell to your surgeon is about your health issues. Whether it is minor or major, you must tell each of your health issues to the specialist. This is because health concerns can cause big problem in operation room towards your life and results of eyelid lift operation in New York.

Any prior surgeries: If you have undergone any previous surgeries, it is must for you to tell about it because providing anesthesia and medications again during the eyelid surgery can cause health issues like adverse reactions in the body or allergy.

Allergies: Majority of the people are allergic to some or the other problem, if you are also one of them then make sure you have told to your specialist. This is because even minor allergy like sneezing, breathing, cramps or any other health factor for that matter can cause problem during the operation.

Addictions: If you have the habit of smoking or drinking, you must definitely quit it because people who consume it cannot expect to get good results from eyelid operation. Therefore, if you have any of such addictions then do make sure you have told to your specialist before.

Dry eyes: People who have dry eyes problem their eyeballs are never moist.  For them going under blepharoplasty operation is risky. So, if facing this problem or any other problem related to eyes then do not miss out to tell your surgeon.

However, no doubt, surgeon will have proper consultation with patient where he will discuss everything with the patient. Along he will also conduct full examination before the surgery, so that not even a single mistake can be done.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Let’s understand what transconjunctival blepharoplasty surgery is all about?

Also known as a posterior approach lower blepharoplasty, it is a lower eyelid lift procedure, which is performed only on the inside of the eyelid. In addition to this, there are few other facts that are related to transconjunctival blepharoplasty about which you must have an idea, if considering to undergo it.

Excess fat is removed from bulging areas via making a small incision.

  • Incisions are made in such a fine way that no evidences of surgery are left behind. However, scar will be inside the eyelid, but no other person would be able to recognize that a person had gone transconjunctival blepharoplasty in NYC.

  • There are two types of lower eyelid lift called transconjunctival and transcutaneous (lashline). Out of both the two surgeries, posterior approach is considered the most successful types. Lashline blepharoplasty is recommended to people who are good candidate for this.

  • However, transconjunctival involves only the removal and repositioning of fat, it may not be recommended for every patient because not all have the same problem.

  • Those who have extensive amount of droopy skin, they are mostly recommended for posterior approach, while others who have skin that is stretched out, they are recommended for lashline procedure because removing of skin is not used in it.

  • Patients undergoing this procedure definitely get desired results, even if they combine this procedure with other cosmetic surgical procedure.

  • This procedure is performed with local anesthesia. However, patients who are given general or oral sedation, they are not given general anesthesia.

  • By undergoing transconjunctival surgery, people can avoid laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels or other methods. This is because removal of fatty deposits from lower eyelid area and repositioning it to new area can be easily done by this approach rather than any other risky methods.

Various advantages associated with transconjunctival approach include:

  • No external scar
  • Less bruising and swelling
  • Less invasive on eyelid
  • Less ectropion (medical condition in which lower eyelid is turned outward) of lower eyelid
  • Better and defined fat sculpting

Patients had serious lid surgery in past for them it is safer form of reoperation
After understanding the facts and benefits of posterior approach lower blepharoplasty, you must have got an idea that undergoing this cosmetic surgical process is not at all risky. So, if you consider undergoing it then make sure to consult a reliable surgeon for this surgical process.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Does the blepharoplasty surgery affect use of contact lenses?

Can we wear contact lenses after the eyelid operation? This is the most common question that strikes in the minds of people who have irregular visibility and have undergone eyelid operation.

So, here are answers to your questions that you must read on!

Why go through blepharoplasty surgery?

With age, one gets older and eyes tend to get droopy. The aging signs make the importance of undergoing blepharoplasty operation important.

How blepharoplasty affects use of contact lenses?

Eyelid operation does affect the wearing of contact lenses. This is where patient needs to discuss this thing beforehand with the surgeon. However, one has to wait till the bruising and swelling gets reduce because then only one can wear contact lenses.

For how long one has to avoid wearing contact lenses with post eyelid surgery

One has to wait for several weeks before wearing contact lenses again. Usually, surgeons recommend patients to wait for at least three weeks, which however could vary from patient to patient depending on their conditions.

What care is required when putting contact lenses after operation?

When putting contact lenses, you should pull your upper eyelid. Many patients usually pull down the lower eyelid which is not right because it has a major effect on healing process. However, before trying it yourself, you must ask your surgeon. He will guide you better with the procedure of how to wear lenses after the operation.

Don’t force your eyes when wearing contact lenses; rather you should wait till its slide into the eyes smoothly.

Patient after the procedure might experience dry eyes. This is because the area around the eyes takes time to heal. There are times when one might also face irritation, so be careful while wearing contact lenses. Besides these problems, if you are facing any other issue then do talk to your doctor.

Is wearing of glasses better than contact lenses?

Yes, definitely! Glasses are much more comfortable to wear than contact lenses. Therefore, you must opt for glasses.

When should patient visit surgeon?

No doubt, at times when one is facing problem in their eyes they must visit their surgeon, but around five to seven days after the blepharoplasty one must visit the surgeon. This will help ensure you that your healing procedure is going easily.
 If you doubt that whether you should wear contact lenses or not after blepharoplasty surgery then do consult your surgeon.