Thursday, 29 August 2013

Must Know Info About Blepharoplasty

Today, a large number of females are struggling hard to get rid of their aging signs and symptoms. With the passing age, line and wrinkles are very common.  Such aging signs affect the personality of an individual.

Due to aging, eyes become shapeless and make one looks older than his or her original age.  Apart from this, whenever you meet someone, eyes have a major role to play in putting a positive impression on an individual.  It will surely leave a bad impression, if your eyes give a feeling that you are tired and overstressed.

Such people need not to get tensed as with the development in medical field, various cosmetic procedures have come into existence aims at improving appearance of an individual. For example, blepharoplasty aims at removing excessive fat that has been accumulated on the area near to eyes.

This surgery has benefited countless number of people by making their eyes look beautiful and appealing.

This type of surgery is conducted by expert surgeons. To know more about it, it would be a fair idea to schedule your appointment with an Eyelid surgery specialist in New York at Blepharoplasty NYC. However, you can also visit Dr. Levine Blepharoplasty clinic to know about the surgery that is good for you.

No doubt, the surgery ensures guaranteed results to the people but there are a few things you should know before going for this procedure.

First of all, you must ask your doctor about different types of blepharoplasty and the one that is best for you. For example, lower eye lid surgical procedure is performed to remove the puffiness under the eyes. As you grow older, this condition is quite normal.

On the other hand, upper eye lid surgery is done to remove the extra fat deposits and lines that appear on the upper area of an eye.

Secondly, you need to know the type of benefits associated with this procedure. First of all, this procedure has ability to improve appearance of your eyes. Secondly, this surgical procedure is also good for people who have any defect or issue in their eyes.

In addition to this, you must have clear idea about what you expect from this surgery? Surely, you will want beautiful eyes after the surgery. But, make sure that you have set realistic goals, and then only you will feel satisfied with results of the surgery.

Furthermore, it is important for you to enhance your knowledge about factors associated with blepharoplasty.

Before surgery, you need to be little careful. In simple words, you cannot take any medicine without the permission of the doctor and you need to inform your doctor immediately in case you experience any health issue in your body.

A person undergoing blepharoplasty should take certain precautions after the surgery so as to recover in a short period of time.

So, it’s time to get back your younger looking personality.

Consulting Eyelid surgery specialist in New York at Blepharoplasty-NYC would definitely be a great idea. Their main doctor, Dr. Levine is really good at Blepharoplasty.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Post-operative care recommended by blepharoplasty surgery specialists!

To ensure best results after the eyelid operation, it’s must for a patient to follow post-operative care instructions. If you too have undergone it and do not have any idea about it or missing out some precautions that your surgeon had suggested you, then let’s have a look at below mentioned precautions which are recommended by an experienced specialist:

After operation you must have your family member or friend with you who could stay with you for at least 24 hours, so that you can settle yourself in your house and feel comfortable after the operation.

One must avoid sudden bending movements or stresses out work as it may cause bad effect on the stiches made over the incisions.

Light food should be taken in by the patients so that proper digestion is being done and hence patient does not fall sick also due to heavy meals.

One must avoid salt as it may cause swelling and fluid retention. At least for 7 to 10 days one must take care of this. Moreover, should eat fresh vegetables, fruits; drink plenty of fluids & water for immediate post-operative healing.

Blepharoplasty Surgery Specialist of Blepharoplasty-NYC also suggests to their patients not to drink caffeine and carbonated drink. Along this, dairy products are also said to avoid because it may upset tummy and lead to sickness.

Wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed or pulled over by your head and also do not apply makeup for at least one week.

Swelling and bruising is very common to occur after operation. Thus one needs not to panic and apply cold compressions and take medications for the same.

Besides swelling, you would also experience a transparent sack of fluid that would appear on the eye. Although, it would look scary but one must not get frighten as it would settle on its own with time.

Anti-inflammatory eye drops, ointment and medications are recommended to reduce scarring. Besides this, patients are said to sit upright and suggested to keep pillows while sleeping so as to avoid straining.

Keep the wound and dressing dry and for this you must ask the nurse how to wash your face without wetting the area of eyes.

For few weeks one must abstain from alcohol and exercises, as it would increase the blood pressure causing problem in recovery time period.

There are times one may experience fever and in such cases one must right away contact their surgeon and not themselves take aspirin or any other medication on their own.

Having looked at all the aforementioned precautions, you must have got a clear idea about what all things you need to take care of after the eyelid surgical treatment.

Before undergoing blepharoplasty you must definitely ask surgery specialist about do and don’t s of the eyelid operation.

Monday, 12 August 2013

4 steps carried out for blepharoplasty operation!

Eyelid surgical treatment is very popular nowadays amongst people. It is performed for fat transfer, arcus marginalis release, fat redraping, fat transportation and septal reset.

Out of all cosmetic surgical treatments, it is regarded as the easiest type of operation. Following are the four steps that are carried during the operation by the surgeon. Let’s have look at those:

Step 1
Medications are given to patients to make them comfortable, during the operation. Before starting with the eyelid surgical treatment, surgeon would give anesthesia to patient that would make his or her area around the eyes numb. Usually, two choices are given to patients, in relation to anesthesia from which they have to make a choice that includes general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. However, surgeon would also suggest you about anesthesia after examining you properly.

Step 2
Once patient is given anesthesia, in cities like NYC blepharoplasty surgeon would start with the process of making incisions. Before, right away making cuts, he would first mark the area around the eyes that is needed to be corrected.

According to the type of operation i.e. upper eyelid or lower eyelid, the surgeon would make the incisions as per the types of operation one has come for.

During the upper eyelid, incisions are made above the eyes and vice-versa, during the lower eyelid incisions are made below the eyes. However, the purpose of both the operations is same (remove excessive fat) but, the difference is on the placement of incisions made i.e. either on upper, lower or both eyelids. Be it any type of procedure, the length of the operation would be 1 to 3 hours.

Step 3
Closing incisions:
After eyelid operation is performed and excessive skin has been removed from the eyes, surgeon would then close the incisions with skin adhesives, surgical tapes and absorbable sutures etc.   

Step 4
In order to see the results, patient needs to keep patience. This is because results cannot be seen right away after the operation. The patient would be having swelling and bruising for at least few weeks or even for a year and during that period of time, he or she needs to be very cautious and take certain precautions like keep head elevated, use ice packs, do not get involved in strenuous activities etc. This would help in to get rid of the problems that one might be facing during the recovery time period. Following are the results that one can expect from blepharoplasty:

  • Refreshed and rejuvenated look
  • Eliminates excess and loose skin
  • Removes wrinkled skin
  • Eliminate lumps caused due to fat inside the eyelids.
If you are looking for blepharoplasty surgeon in NYC consult Blepharoplasty-NYC professionals. They know this medical treatment well enough to deliver exactly what you expect out of this procedure!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Do you want beautiful eyes? Meet NY Blepharoplasty Surgeons!

As, you turn old, your skin loses its softness and becomes dull. However, aging not only affects skin rather your entire personality gets affected. Eyes occupy an important position on your face. Whenever, you meet someone, your eyes are the first thing that gets noticed.

But, what will you do, in case you have droopy eyes? Definitely, you will look for some ways to improve appearance of your eyes. For such individuals, blepharoplasty is the best option. It is a cosmetic surgery done to improve appearance of upper and lower eye lids of an individual.

You might have seen an individual having bulges under the eyes. Moreover, as you grow old, fat deposits start accumulating under the eyes, making your eyes looks baggy. Nobody wants to have shapeless eyes and the ones that are not appealing.

To bring a drastic change in your personality, it would be a better idea for you to hire services of NY Blepharoplasty surgeons at Blepharoplasty-NYC. Based on the condition of your eyes, the surgeons with either perform lower eye lid or upper eye lid surgery.

Now, the question is who are the best candidates for this type of surgery? There are numerous factors taken into account by surgeons before recommending this type of surgery to an individual. For example, your age, skin type, overall health and the type of problem you have.

Some people prefer this surgical procedure for aesthetic reasons only but there are countless number of people who want to take advantage from this procedure so as to remove the defects and abnormalities they have in their eyes.

The best thing about this surgery is that it is proving beneficial for both males and females and provides guaranteed results.

In addition to this, people suffering from thyroid, diabetes and heart diseases should inform the cosmetic surgeon about it so that you can get results according to your expectations.
Apart from this, what are the reasons responsible for making this procedure so popular? Well, you can have a look at a few of them as follows.
  1. Removes extra fat and bulges under the eyes.
  2. Makes your eyes look youthful and attractive.
  3. Least Invasive procedure.
  4. Quickly fixes the issues faced by countless number of adults.
Are there any risks associated with this procedure?
This type of surgery has no side-effects but there is a possibility that immediately after your eye lid surgery, you may experience irritation, swelling, difficulty in opening and closing eyes, numbness around the area that has been operated. But such issues are temporary and go away with time.

So, if you feel like that your eyes are no longer appealing and beautiful then do not hesitate to schedule a meeting with a qualified and experienced surgeon.

On fixing your appointment with NY blepharoplasty surgeons, you will come to know about each and every factor associated with this cosmetic procedure.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get answers to frequently asked questions about eyelid plastic operation!

Eyelid process or blepharoplasty is the most common operations performed nowadays. We all must be aware of, what is it: a cosmetic procedure that is performed to remove the excess skin and fat from the eyes. But other than this, do we have any idea about other aspects of it. If no, then have a look at this document.
  • Where it is performed?
Like in any other cosmetic surgical treatment is performed in hospital, same goes out with eyelid operation. With latest equipment, skilled staff and experienced surgeon, this surgical process is performed in office surgical facility.
  • What is transconjunctival process?
During this process, fat from the lower eyelid is removed via making incisions inside of the lower eyelid, without needing to make any external changes.
  • What is pinch excision?
As compared to other procedure lower and upper eyelid, this excision is less invasive because it has less risk of complications.
  • What anesthesia is given?
Before starting with the procedure, anesthesia is given to patients so that he or she won’t feel any pain of the incisions being made. Usually, a best blepharoplasty surgeon of NYC's Blepharoplasty-NYC would provide local or general anesthesia to make the area around the eyes numb.

  • Would there be scars after operation?
Usually, surgeries leave out scars and same goes out with eyelid operation, as well. However, this factor depends on two aspects when talking about eyelid operation. One is individuals healing ability and another is where are the incisions made (if made on upper eye, the cuts would not be seen due to folds of eye that would cover the incisions).
  • Will dark circles and fine wrinkles be removed?
Wrinkles and dark circles cannot completely go away, but yes, to a certain extend these can be removed. But if one is going under this operation just to eradicate dark wrinkles and dark circles then it’s just a wrong step.
  • Are there any risks associated with it?
Although, minor complications are always there in every operation, and when it comes to blepharoplasty, complications are not much. Patients who have thyroid problem, hypertension, dry eyes, usually they have increased risk during the operation.
  • What other changes one can expect from it?
This surgical treatment is not just performed due to aesthetic reasons, but also to achieve various other changes. To name a few are: improved the vision (heaviness on upper lids causing difficulty for people to see can be eradicated via removing excessive skin from the upper eyelids) and tension headache due to drooping eyelids (excessive skin on upper eyelid is removed, so as to relax the forehead).
If you want to look refreshed and see better outcomes of eyelid operation then hire a best blepharoplasty surgeon in NYC.