Friday, 21 November 2014

How to minimize the risks and complication of Eye Lift Surgery?

Eyelift surgery is recommended for cosmetic purpose. In this procedure notches are made around the eyes skin to improve their looks and make them appear younger. Sometimes it is used to repair the damages caused due to cancer. 

If it  beneficial to enhance the appearance of eye, it has many risk factors also, such as -damage to eyes, nerves, vessels, organs, poor results, skeletonization  in case too much of fat is removed,  scarring, infection, bleeding, chemosis, anesthesia related risks. Anything bad can happen during surgery, it even risk your life. So if you are planning to go for eyelift surgery, it is important to know the facts which help to minimize the risk factors.

Tips to minimize the risk factors-

Good Consultation:
  • The first step which have to be considered before going for an eye lift surgery in big cities like NYC it to find a well known and experienced expert. Only a good surgeon can provide you exceptional consultation and satisfactory answers for your doubts. They will examine your case carefully and let you know, whether you need to go for surgery or not. In case you need the surgery, they will explain the risk factors in detail. They will also guide you about the diet, and prescriptions, which are needed to follow before and after the surgery.
  Share your medical history
  • When you decide to go for an eyelift surgery. Sharing all your medical history is necessary. Don’t try to hide anything from your consultant. Such as any allergy, any previous ailments (blood pressure, heart, kidney, lings and any bleeding disorders) and if you are under any kind of medication for chronic illnesses like diabetes, thyroid where a single wrong vaccination might risk the life. So it’s important that you share your medical history and if possible get the clearance from your family doctor, because he will be familiar with your health condition.
Before and after surgery care:

Once you are done with all the formalities and your surgeon has given you surgery dates, you need to take care of your diet. You have to eliminate vitamin A supplements from your routine diet. You have to quit smoking and drinking alcohol for some time and avoid taking medicines like aspirin until the surgery is done and if you are under any medication consult with your surgeon whether you can continue it or not.
  •  Apart from diet you need to take care of other things, prior to surgery make sure you have following things are available with you:
Clean towel, ice cubes, cold water, Ziploc to make ice packs, bottle of artificial tears and acetaminophen, and the most important thing is that you have to bring somebody, who can assist you  while going home.

There are few other small things which have to be taken care of to reduce the complication risks such as:  take shower and hair bath before the procedure wash your eyebrows, don’t use any cosmetic in your face, wear loose fitting surgery clothes, don’t wear lenses and eye drops which you use regularly. Always follow and understand the instructions properly, which will doubtlessly reduce the risk factors and will bring you maximum comfort in least days.