Tuesday, 30 December 2014

What are the after-effects of upper and lower eyelid surgery?

All surgery have some or the other after effects. Coming on to the upper and lower eyelid surgery, patient will experience immediately few things following the surgery.

Swelling and bruising is common to occur immediately after the surgery. Surgeon recommends patients to lubricate the eye part with ointment for first 48 hours after surgery. In addition, iced eye pads on your eyes are also recommended to reduce swelling and bruising.

After 48 hours, patient can use eye pads intermittently, if any burning or itching occurs. Surgeon may also ask to put eye drops for few days after blepharoplasty performed in New York City or elsewhere.

On the third day after surgery, patient need to put lukewarm eye pads on eyes. Other necessary precautions that are required to be taken after surgery are wear dark glasses for a week to prevent irritation from the sun and wind, sleep with head elevated and do not apply cosmetic etc.

Stitches are likely to remain for two days to a week after surgery. Eyelids will be discolor and swollen for few days making patient feel tightness and stiffness around the eyes. On surgeon’s recommendation patient needs to keep their eyes lubricated, try eye exercises like closing and opening of eyes, looking at the ceiling etc.

Patient is likely to experience tearing, sensitivity to light, and double or blurred vision for few days. Moreover, the white area of eyes may have red splotches, but patient do not require worrying about it as it will disappear after two to three weeks.

After two or three days, patient can read or watch television without putting much of strain on the eyes. Wearing contact lenses until doctor approval is not allowed. Moreover, patients can return to work in a week to ten days and use make-up to cover scars around the eyes.

However, work that requires strenuous activities need to be avoided for few days (because it raises blood pressure).

Some scars from the surgery is likely to happen, but will reduce with the passage of time.

However, healing process is slow but results are great of eyelids surgery. Healing take time and patients might often feel depressed for a while, but patience is must in those days. After effects of surgery are quite normal and will pass with the time, if one takes good care of themselves.

Monday, 8 December 2014

How blepharoplasty ensures better eye manifestation?

Eyes are the most striking and delicate part of human face. It provides uniqueness as well as offers you a blessing. You can see and cherish the beautiful things around you.  Your eyes provide your appearance same beautiful look.

What if due to any accident or falling age this unique gift is snatched away from you?  Will you be able to bare the plight, when your friends and colleagues will s avoiding you just because of your ugly appearance? 

Falling age is something, which everybody has to go through. So it’s not a serious problem you can easily get rid of your aging problem through blepharoplasty procedure. It guarantees a beautiful and refurbished look to your eyes.

It is also advisable for those, who have small eyes. It reshapes both lower and upper eyelids due to which it is also called as double eyelid surgery. In a city like NYC, this procedure is very common. Apart from cosmetic purpose it is also helpful in removing the excess of skin from eyelids, which often blocks the secondary visualization. It also helps to remove excess of fat, muscles and tissues are removed. Removal of unnecessary things makes it lighter and prevent from ugly puffy bags.

Time- This surgery will last within three hours, and bruising, swelling and other surgery traces disappears just within two weeks.

Cost- It is not very expensive. Though cost differs from place to place and also the surgeon you opt for your surgery. It’s not advisable to go to some inexperienced surgeon. They may cost you less but will risk you’re the safety of your eyes. 

Types- People have different looks, they have different expectations. Some do this surgery for cosmetic purpose some to hide their accident scares, some for to get rid of birth defects. So for every purpose there are offered different types of surgeries.

1. Suture method- This is also called double eyelid surgery. It is best method used to remove the tight folded lines under the skin. It is cheap but do not offers long lasting results.

2. Double standard twist method- It is used to removing excess amount of fat and unnecessary cartilages from upper and lower parts of eyes. Best and safest among all blepharoplasty methods. It offers the natural look and offers long lasting results.

3. Full incision method- It is used to remove the excess amount of muscles, fat and prevent puffy bulged bags, which makes eyes look swollen and ugly. It offers natural and long lasting beauty to your eyes. 

4. Laser Surgery – Here instead of surgical knives, laser technique is used to remove excess of fat, and tissues muscles. Use of laser leaves no traces and blemishes. It does not need much time to get healed.  

It is not risky procedures so do not feel apprehensive go ahead and get it done and enjoy new furbished look for your eyes.