Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Misconceptions Uncovered-Blepharoplasty

“Window to our soul”, eyes are the most significant feature of facial appearance. Unluckily, eyelids are the main feature of our face that exhibits the first signs of ageing. Nobody wants tired looks and old kind of appearance.

Therefore, many people look for plastic surgery to reverse the effects of ageing with the help of a procedure known as blepharoplasty. Also referred to as eyelid lift or eye tuck, blepharoplasty in NYC, is one of the most frequently performed procedures used to remove excess fats from the upper eyelids and to remove puffy bags under the lower eyelids, thus to give people more youthful appearance.

Despite of commonality of eyelid lift-up procedure, there are number of misconceptions floating around this cosmetic procedure that exist as people unknowingly pass on misinformation. Let's understand the facts:

Myth#1: Eyelid lift procedure removes the crow’s feet: Unfortunately, this myth is not true. Crow feet occur as a result of repeated movement of eyelids muscles surround the eyes. Muscles around the eyes get contacted as a result of smile and blinking, thus causes wrinkled skin. With the passage of time, these lines become enduring. Eyelid lift NYC helps to remove excess fat that causes puffy bags. However, this procedure tightens the skin, but as it is a natural activity, eye muscles continue to contact and results crow feet.

Myth#2: It leaves visible scars: We should be thankful to technology that has presented us a gift of performing eyelid job without leaving visible scars. Traditionally, surgeons perform this procedure making incisions on the lower eyelid area. But, modern technology allows cosmetic surgeons to perform this job with a laser and leaves no scars. This type of eyelid procedure is known as transconjunctival laser lower blepharoplasty.

Myth#3: The job is too expensive: The average cost that a cosmetic surgeon charges for the procedure depend upon his/her expertise and experience in the same field. Generally, it costs approximately $2,480. Many surgeons allow patients to do payments in instalments.

Myth#4: It is extremely painful during and after procedure: It is not at all concealed that pain is associated in every case. With the help of general anaesthesia pain can be kept away. Eyelid lift-up surgery is not associated with pain even after it is performed. One more thing, patient may experience bruising, swelling, and mild pain and such mild pains can be removed by taking pain-relieving medicines as prescribed by your surgeon. One should not take medicines like aspirin, naproxen, ibuprofen and other that are known to thing blood.

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