Tuesday, 10 September 2013

How Dr. Levine Surgery Specialist in New York leave you only with pleasing results?

Eye-lid surgery provides you a way to best deal with your saggy and droopy eye-lids. With age, the signs of aging, tensions or stress starts appear on eye area. The advanced surgical procedure, eye-lid operation, provides patient the best results by making necessary alterations in the required area.

Most often, the eye-lid cosmetic procedure works upon droopy eyes but it is also performed by surgeons to eliminate the fat deposits in the upper and lower eye-lid area.

In this way, eye-lid surgical approach is used by doctors to improve eye-vision, caused due to droopy skin that has started overlapping eyes and effects side-vision, and appearance. That is why this surgical approach is popular by the name function eye-lid or aesthetic eye-lid operation, depending upon the purpose for which it is executed on the patient.

If you are suffering from any of the conditions like, puffy bags under lower eye-lids, droopiness on upper eye area, or impaired vision, the consultation with Dr. Levine Surgery Specialist in New York at www.blepharoplasty-nyc.com should be considered.

Before start with this surgery, patient will be examined and accurately evaluated for various conditions so that the doctor can come with the decision that, in all manners, will be good for your eyes as well as appearance. All of above, the right motivation and guidance for the treatment play an important role to get the best results of the procedure because internal positivity can work more than a medicine.

Let’s come to the topic that what the eye-lid procedure specialist discuss during consultation.  To give patient the best results doctor may order some special tests, like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes etc., on the patient, in order to determine if the patient is in healthy condition both, physically and psychologically, to undergo this procedure.

In addition to those assessments, doctor may ask you for previous health history, family diseases, allergies or side-effects from some specific medications etc.

By properly evaluating the reports of tests, your doctor will decide (if reports are positive) to perform eye-lid operation. Because the surgery involves the placing of incisions, it can be a painful procedure. To make it completely painless, the professional first administer the patient with appropriate anesthesia, either local or general. The purpose of anesthesia is to keep patient totally unconscious during the entire procedure.

After making sure that area under operation get completely numbed, surgeon will place incisions on the, pre-outlined, area around the eyes. Now, he/she will make necessary alternations in the area under consideration. Finally, the incisions concealed by making fine stitches in such a way that they remain hidden from the view.

Dr. Levine Surgery Specialist in New York is a most sought after eye-lid doctor who has skills to provide patient only with desired results.

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