Monday, 4 November 2013

Follow this and you can easily recover from eye-lid procedure

Eyelid cosmetic procedure is one of the acceptable procedures to rejuvenate the eye contour. Patients come with different complaints such as eyelid skin has started overlapping over eyes and affect the eye-vision and they look tired than their age, and so on.

This is not surprising because droopy or puffy eyes are the most common aging effects. In some cases, sagginess and puffiness over lids is an inherited condition.

Patients who have undergone eyelid cosmetic procedure usually experience comfortable and fast recovery. For fast recovery and desired outcomes, it is of utmost importance for a patient to follow right preventive measures after operation.

Mentioned below are some precautions given by NY based blepharoplasty surgeons for post-surgical care:
  • Swelling is common after every surgery. In case of eyelid surgical procedure, due to swelling you may find it difficult to completely close your eyes for several days. In order to protect your eyes from dryness used artificial tears to keep eyes lubricated.
  • Elevation of head helps to reduce swelling. According to doctors, keeping head higher helps to decrease the pressure on eyes, and thus in reducing swelling over eyelid area.
  • Applying ice over swelling area works well to decrease swelling. Don’t apply ice on eyes directly. It is important to cover ice with a soft cloth. Apply ice during first 24 hours after surgery.
  • Due to incisions on the eyelid, the white part of the eyes may turn to red, which will go down in the next few weeks after the procedure.
  • Like swelling, tearing is a also common after eyelid operation. Produced by lacrimal gland, tears usually started moving to the eyelid edge. This is a temporary issue and recovers after few days.
  • Sutures: The stitches made on the upper lid are a single thread, which is removed by surgeon 4 to 5 days after the procedure. The sutures on the lower lid dissolve automatically inside the lid (if transconjunctival method is followed for operation).
  • You may feel itching after the operation. Use medication and antibiotics as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Discoloration may occur over eye area after operation, which may turn normal skin colour to blue or red. Use of ointments and eye drops contributes to reduce discoloration or bruising.
Implementing the preventive measures given by NY based blepharoplasty surgeons one can get fast recovery after operation.

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