Thursday, 20 February 2014

How Surgeons Make an Eyelid Surgery Plan?

It is needless to be discussed that every surgical procedure follows a thorough consultation process, in which surgeon make discussion with patients on various important factors.

Consultation is an in-depth give and take dialogue in which surgery specialist listen to patients’ questions and concerns. Based upon the patients concerns and expectations, doctor explains the treatment options and most suitable surgery techniques for patient’s concerns.

Of course the goal of the cosmetic eyelid operation is to enhance the appearance of eyes. Therefore, it is important to cover every minor factor that can impact the results of the operation. Adding more to your knowledge, it is not always that consultation ends up with the decision of execution of surgery. Based upon the discussion and reports of the tests, if the patient is not physically or mentally fit, cosmetic surgeon may deny performing the procedure. 
Let’s us understand what are the various factors that play a crucial role to decide whether or not it is right for a patient to undergo eyelid operation. Blepharoplasty specialist in NYC starts consultation by asking series of important questions to the patient. It is possible that surgery specialist may order to undertake multiple tests. This is because of the reason that test reports help an expert to know about patient’s current health status.

Patient may be asked to fill out form for previous health records, health history of patient’s family, allergies from medications, seasonal allegories, and so on. It is important to inform you that if patient is suffering from medical conditions like diabetes, heart arrest, hypertension, there are chances that surgeon may deny to perform operation. This is because of the reason that these conditions may create complications during surgery and impact the results. 
 It is, on the other hand, is the responsibility of the patient is disclose the information such as if he/she is taking nutrition or health supplements. If the patient is alcoholic or uses other drugs like cocaine, smoking etc., it is advised to explain it to the doctor. All such factors seem minor, but the collectively plays an important role to crystalline the eyelid cosmetic surgery plan.

The key benefit of face to face discussion is that doctor can properly examine the characteristics of eyelids such as severity of sagginess, thickness of skin, degree of puffiness under the lower lids etc. At the end of the consultation, surgeons give decision about the execution or denial of the eyelid lift.

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