Thursday, 26 June 2014

Major Sub Divisions of Blepharoplasty

There are concerns of the eyes, the eyes might be swollen, or there are dark circles beneath your eyes. All these are major concerns for the ones going through this kind of rough patch. There are many reasons involved, which make our eyes like this. Moreover, the things like thyroid problem, fluid and toxins are prominent in patients suffering from the above. The major concern of the above in the patients is that –

1. Sugar intake – One thing is common in these patients is that the sugar level is quite high. Moreover, it results in accumulation of fatty tissues and it also leads to high blood sugar. The sugar intake affects the heart as well, if proper cure is not taken. That is why; there are so many diabetic patients.

2. Stress – Yes, stress directly affects your eyes, it might lead to sleepless nights and as a result, dark circles come into being. It can damage the cellular membranes in our body as well.

3. Skin – The skin also loses its elasticity. The tightening affect of the skin also loses and as a result, the excessive weight of tissues put pressure and therefore, skin loosens up. 

There is good news for those suffering from above, there are surgeries available. Many of the surgeons make an effort to comfort the patients. That is why, prior consultations by surgeons help in making a ground, which helps them in fulfilling the requirements of their patients. In big cities like NYC, eyelid surgery is less expensive; surgeons give a surety that the surgery will be successful. For this, surgeons do a thorough check-up. As a result, the surgeons in NYC have a successful rate. The rejuvenation of eyes is possible with the help of –

Upper eyelid surgery –
The incision is on the crease of lids and as a result, it helps in hiding the view. Before starting the surgery, an outline on the swollen is made so that a cut can be made.

Lower eyelid surgery –
There are two types of lower eyelid surgery - Transconjunctival and Transcutaneous; the former one is used to remove the excess fat below the eyes and the latter one is used for removing the fats just below the eyelashes. The deep hollows the eye lids are removed with the help of this type of surgery.

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