Monday, 28 April 2014

Few unanswered aspects regarding eyelid lift surgery

Eyelid lift also referred as blepharoplasty, is a form of plastic surgery that involves removal of excess skin and tissue from the eye. On either portion of the eye called upper or lower, this surgery can be performed.

Primary benefits of blepharoplasty are very commonly known by all, but here is piece of information that will provide you more information on the merits of an eyelid lift or the other way round, following are few aspects that were left unanswered by many specialists-

Remedy for chronic allergies
There is no doubt about the fact that with age, our skin tends to lose its elasticity and begins to sag and droop. This calls for eyelid lift, which helps in giving the face a younger look, with tightened skin, no folding, puffiness and sagging, alongside improved smoothing. In addition to all this, age and chronic allergies are also corrected by it.

Improve eyesight
Patients who are suffering from vision problem, for them this surgery is bliss. As the upper lid, obstruct the vision of patient because of heavy folding, the technique helps in removal of the folds that are over the eye. Hence, surgery is quite effective in creating a large open eye thus improving the vision of patient.

Improve Ptosis
Condition when upper lid muscle tone is heavy because of excessive skin, which causes difficulty in moving the eyelid, it is referred to as Ptosis problem.
Though reason may not be similar for everyone, some might also be facing this problem because of nerve damage.

Return home same day
General or local anesthesia is given to patient, based on his or her condition. Though safe one is the local anesthesia, but surgeons often use general anesthesia for upper or lower eyelid lift surgery in New York City. However, either of the way used by surgeon, as this procedure is an outpatient, therefore, patients are allowed to return home the same day.

Place incisions strategically
Skilled plastic surgeons always make a note to place incisions in such a way that does not leave any scar on patient face. Therefore, in regard to eyelid lifts, the incisions are strategically placed in the upper and lower lid fold, so that even if scars are ought to happen then they would be hidden.

No adverse reactions
So far, candidates who have undergone this procedure they didn’t face any adverse reactions, which is the positive side of this surgery.

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