Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Make your eyes look revitalized and rejuvenated in no time!

People wish for pretty eyes but not everybody is born with naturally beautiful eyes. In terms of physical appearance they are the first part people notice in any person. Unfortunately eyes are also the first body part to reveal advancing age. With increasing aesthetic needs, people are becoming more conscious about their looks but drooping, sagging, and tired looking eyes can make anyone look dull and old.

Thanks to cosmetic science which is improving with each day passing, that anyone can now look much younger than their real age. Blepharoplasty is one of the most popular surgeries people undergo to undo the impact of aging on their eyes.

Blepharoplasty has two major types; upper and lower eyelid surgery. Different people make good candidates for different surgery types depending on individual situation. This cosmetic procedure is capable of revitalizing the eyelids dramatically. It is helpful in getting rid of tiresome looks within no time.

The basic purpose of undergoing this surgical procedure is to get rid of puffy hoods that get developed over the period of time due to aging. Some people feel troubled with skin bags and wrinkles that get cluttered right beneath the eyes.

This surgery is getting much popularity today pertaining to the fact that it’s not only capable of achieving aesthetic results, but can correct certain functional deformities as well. Some people are born with naturally drooping eyelids that begin to obstruct their view resulting in vision related problems.

Therefore sometimes this procedure is recommended medically by doctors to correct such problems. Eyelid operation can get rid of excessive skin that causes trouble in seeing properly. Therefore many people choose to get this procedure done for functional reasons instead of beauty reason.

While performing lower eyelid lift, patients are sedated using anesthesia. Mostly general anesthesia is administered. Some patients have more fat cluttered beneath their eyelids and less amount of skin and muscles. Such patients can get this procedure performed without any external sutures.

Instead of creating incisions externally, doctors place them within the inner part of lower eyelid and that’s where extra fat is carefully removed from. This approach doesn’t involve sutures. To aid the healing process and make recovery quicker, doctors prescribe topical eye drops to patients.

To know which type of surgery will do best for you, conduct a reputed plastic surgeon to achieve best possible outcomes.

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