Thursday, 22 August 2013

Post-operative care recommended by blepharoplasty surgery specialists!

To ensure best results after the eyelid operation, it’s must for a patient to follow post-operative care instructions. If you too have undergone it and do not have any idea about it or missing out some precautions that your surgeon had suggested you, then let’s have a look at below mentioned precautions which are recommended by an experienced specialist:

After operation you must have your family member or friend with you who could stay with you for at least 24 hours, so that you can settle yourself in your house and feel comfortable after the operation.

One must avoid sudden bending movements or stresses out work as it may cause bad effect on the stiches made over the incisions.

Light food should be taken in by the patients so that proper digestion is being done and hence patient does not fall sick also due to heavy meals.

One must avoid salt as it may cause swelling and fluid retention. At least for 7 to 10 days one must take care of this. Moreover, should eat fresh vegetables, fruits; drink plenty of fluids & water for immediate post-operative healing.

Blepharoplasty Surgery Specialist of Blepharoplasty-NYC also suggests to their patients not to drink caffeine and carbonated drink. Along this, dairy products are also said to avoid because it may upset tummy and lead to sickness.

Wear comfortable clothes that can easily be removed or pulled over by your head and also do not apply makeup for at least one week.

Swelling and bruising is very common to occur after operation. Thus one needs not to panic and apply cold compressions and take medications for the same.

Besides swelling, you would also experience a transparent sack of fluid that would appear on the eye. Although, it would look scary but one must not get frighten as it would settle on its own with time.

Anti-inflammatory eye drops, ointment and medications are recommended to reduce scarring. Besides this, patients are said to sit upright and suggested to keep pillows while sleeping so as to avoid straining.

Keep the wound and dressing dry and for this you must ask the nurse how to wash your face without wetting the area of eyes.

For few weeks one must abstain from alcohol and exercises, as it would increase the blood pressure causing problem in recovery time period.

There are times one may experience fever and in such cases one must right away contact their surgeon and not themselves take aspirin or any other medication on their own.

Having looked at all the aforementioned precautions, you must have got a clear idea about what all things you need to take care of after the eyelid surgical treatment.

Before undergoing blepharoplasty you must definitely ask surgery specialist about do and don’t s of the eyelid operation.

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