Monday, 12 August 2013

4 steps carried out for blepharoplasty operation!

Eyelid surgical treatment is very popular nowadays amongst people. It is performed for fat transfer, arcus marginalis release, fat redraping, fat transportation and septal reset.

Out of all cosmetic surgical treatments, it is regarded as the easiest type of operation. Following are the four steps that are carried during the operation by the surgeon. Let’s have look at those:

Step 1
Medications are given to patients to make them comfortable, during the operation. Before starting with the eyelid surgical treatment, surgeon would give anesthesia to patient that would make his or her area around the eyes numb. Usually, two choices are given to patients, in relation to anesthesia from which they have to make a choice that includes general anesthesia and intravenous sedation. However, surgeon would also suggest you about anesthesia after examining you properly.

Step 2
Once patient is given anesthesia, in cities like NYC blepharoplasty surgeon would start with the process of making incisions. Before, right away making cuts, he would first mark the area around the eyes that is needed to be corrected.

According to the type of operation i.e. upper eyelid or lower eyelid, the surgeon would make the incisions as per the types of operation one has come for.

During the upper eyelid, incisions are made above the eyes and vice-versa, during the lower eyelid incisions are made below the eyes. However, the purpose of both the operations is same (remove excessive fat) but, the difference is on the placement of incisions made i.e. either on upper, lower or both eyelids. Be it any type of procedure, the length of the operation would be 1 to 3 hours.

Step 3
Closing incisions:
After eyelid operation is performed and excessive skin has been removed from the eyes, surgeon would then close the incisions with skin adhesives, surgical tapes and absorbable sutures etc.   

Step 4
In order to see the results, patient needs to keep patience. This is because results cannot be seen right away after the operation. The patient would be having swelling and bruising for at least few weeks or even for a year and during that period of time, he or she needs to be very cautious and take certain precautions like keep head elevated, use ice packs, do not get involved in strenuous activities etc. This would help in to get rid of the problems that one might be facing during the recovery time period. Following are the results that one can expect from blepharoplasty:

  • Refreshed and rejuvenated look
  • Eliminates excess and loose skin
  • Removes wrinkled skin
  • Eliminate lumps caused due to fat inside the eyelids.
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