Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Get answers to frequently asked questions about eyelid plastic operation!

Eyelid process or blepharoplasty is the most common operations performed nowadays. We all must be aware of, what is it: a cosmetic procedure that is performed to remove the excess skin and fat from the eyes. But other than this, do we have any idea about other aspects of it. If no, then have a look at this document.
  • Where it is performed?
Like in any other cosmetic surgical treatment is performed in hospital, same goes out with eyelid operation. With latest equipment, skilled staff and experienced surgeon, this surgical process is performed in office surgical facility.
  • What is transconjunctival process?
During this process, fat from the lower eyelid is removed via making incisions inside of the lower eyelid, without needing to make any external changes.
  • What is pinch excision?
As compared to other procedure lower and upper eyelid, this excision is less invasive because it has less risk of complications.
  • What anesthesia is given?
Before starting with the procedure, anesthesia is given to patients so that he or she won’t feel any pain of the incisions being made. Usually, a best blepharoplasty surgeon of NYC's Blepharoplasty-NYC would provide local or general anesthesia to make the area around the eyes numb.

  • Would there be scars after operation?
Usually, surgeries leave out scars and same goes out with eyelid operation, as well. However, this factor depends on two aspects when talking about eyelid operation. One is individuals healing ability and another is where are the incisions made (if made on upper eye, the cuts would not be seen due to folds of eye that would cover the incisions).
  • Will dark circles and fine wrinkles be removed?
Wrinkles and dark circles cannot completely go away, but yes, to a certain extend these can be removed. But if one is going under this operation just to eradicate dark wrinkles and dark circles then it’s just a wrong step.
  • Are there any risks associated with it?
Although, minor complications are always there in every operation, and when it comes to blepharoplasty, complications are not much. Patients who have thyroid problem, hypertension, dry eyes, usually they have increased risk during the operation.
  • What other changes one can expect from it?
This surgical treatment is not just performed due to aesthetic reasons, but also to achieve various other changes. To name a few are: improved the vision (heaviness on upper lids causing difficulty for people to see can be eradicated via removing excessive skin from the upper eyelids) and tension headache due to drooping eyelids (excessive skin on upper eyelid is removed, so as to relax the forehead).
If you want to look refreshed and see better outcomes of eyelid operation then hire a best blepharoplasty surgeon in NYC.

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