Friday, 24 January 2014

Does eyelid lift surgery hurts?

Blepharoplasty involves correcting of flaws on the upper, lower, or both eyelids. This surgery can be performed either on one eyelid or on both the eyelids, depending on the patient’s desires and flaws that he or she wants to be corrected.

Usually, people think that blepharoplasty causes pain, but it is an illusion. It does not get hurt as procedure only involves removal or tightening of skin or fat. However, pains are possible to occur after every surgery, but not so much that it makes people afraid.

As discussed above blepharoplasty is done on the upper, lower, or may be on both the eyelids. Along the natural lines of eyelid, incisions are placed. In upper blepharoplasty surgery, the incision is made along the eyelid creases. In lower eyelid lift surgery performed in NY, incision is made either just below the lashes or inside the lower eyelid.

No matter whatever procedure a patient has to undergo, the cosmetic surgical process involves tightening of loose skin and removal of fat. An overall rejuvenated look is provided to the person once relevant changes are made.

Before starting with the process, anesthesia (general or local) is given either by mouth or through an IV. Once patient’s eye part is made numb, incisions are made.

The skin is separated and the sagging skin or fatty tissues or muscles are removed. However, depending on the patient face anatomy, removal of fat can be either less or more. This factor also depends on how excessive fat does one has over his or her eyes.

Once fat is removed, the incisions are closed with fine sutures. After doing so, the area around the eye is washed, special strips of tape are applied on the sutures to reinforce it, and lastly the eyes are lubricated with ointment.

After the procedure, patient tends to get some amount of swelling or bruising. There are chances that some might also feel pain during that time. Surgeon will recommend some medications like acetaminophen, aka Tylenol to patient, for the same (to control the pain). Furthermore, some dos and don’ts would also be told to patient that he or she needs to take care of during the recovery time.

Therefore, if you were restricting yourself from undergoing this procedure because of your fear to get hurt, then you need not worry, as eyelid lift is not at all hurtful.

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