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Does the blepharoplasty surgery affect use of contact lenses?

Can we wear contact lenses after the eyelid operation? This is the most common question that strikes in the minds of people who have irregular visibility and have undergone eyelid operation.

So, here are answers to your questions that you must read on!

Why go through blepharoplasty surgery?

With age, one gets older and eyes tend to get droopy. The aging signs make the importance of undergoing blepharoplasty operation important.

How blepharoplasty affects use of contact lenses?

Eyelid operation does affect the wearing of contact lenses. This is where patient needs to discuss this thing beforehand with the surgeon. However, one has to wait till the bruising and swelling gets reduce because then only one can wear contact lenses.

For how long one has to avoid wearing contact lenses with post eyelid surgery

One has to wait for several weeks before wearing contact lenses again. Usually, surgeons recommend patients to wait for at least three weeks, which however could vary from patient to patient depending on their conditions.

What care is required when putting contact lenses after operation?

When putting contact lenses, you should pull your upper eyelid. Many patients usually pull down the lower eyelid which is not right because it has a major effect on healing process. However, before trying it yourself, you must ask your surgeon. He will guide you better with the procedure of how to wear lenses after the operation.

Don’t force your eyes when wearing contact lenses; rather you should wait till its slide into the eyes smoothly.

Patient after the procedure might experience dry eyes. This is because the area around the eyes takes time to heal. There are times when one might also face irritation, so be careful while wearing contact lenses. Besides these problems, if you are facing any other issue then do talk to your doctor.

Is wearing of glasses better than contact lenses?

Yes, definitely! Glasses are much more comfortable to wear than contact lenses. Therefore, you must opt for glasses.

When should patient visit surgeon?

No doubt, at times when one is facing problem in their eyes they must visit their surgeon, but around five to seven days after the blepharoplasty one must visit the surgeon. This will help ensure you that your healing procedure is going easily.
 If you doubt that whether you should wear contact lenses or not after blepharoplasty surgery then do consult your surgeon.

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