Monday, 20 January 2014

Are you going for blepharoplasty? Wait!

Have you discussed all the major concerns related to your health to your blepharoplasty surgeon before your operation? If no, then you can end up getting into trouble during your operation!

Before you go for the surgery, make sure you have shared all the details about your health to your surgeon. Here are certain points that you must talk about with your surgeon, before the surgery:

Now, if you are wondering, about which things I am talking about, here are few of them:

Health issues:
The foremost thing that you need to tell to your surgeon is about your health issues. Whether it is minor or major, you must tell each of your health issues to the specialist. This is because health concerns can cause big problem in operation room towards your life and results of eyelid lift operation in New York.

Any prior surgeries: If you have undergone any previous surgeries, it is must for you to tell about it because providing anesthesia and medications again during the eyelid surgery can cause health issues like adverse reactions in the body or allergy.

Allergies: Majority of the people are allergic to some or the other problem, if you are also one of them then make sure you have told to your specialist. This is because even minor allergy like sneezing, breathing, cramps or any other health factor for that matter can cause problem during the operation.

Addictions: If you have the habit of smoking or drinking, you must definitely quit it because people who consume it cannot expect to get good results from eyelid operation. Therefore, if you have any of such addictions then do make sure you have told to your specialist before.

Dry eyes: People who have dry eyes problem their eyeballs are never moist.  For them going under blepharoplasty operation is risky. So, if facing this problem or any other problem related to eyes then do not miss out to tell your surgeon.

However, no doubt, surgeon will have proper consultation with patient where he will discuss everything with the patient. Along he will also conduct full examination before the surgery, so that not even a single mistake can be done.

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